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  1. :wave: hello!

    so i need some help out on this situation. i grabbed a plant from my buddy because he simply didnt have enough room for it. its a 3 foot tall bc bud plant and its 5 weeks into flower and grown from clone. the buds are much smaller than they should be i believe its due to humidity, wrong feeding schedule and not enough light so that 3 feet isnt a nice bush that i want. o yea there is white mildew ahhhhhhhh, alright so i flushed it out today and the ph and fine, the leaves are just recovering from being over feed and over watered so they are a little droopy but i think it will jump back up once a few days of me babying.

    any who, so the advice i need is what the fuck should i do!!!! i have my veg cycle of my babes, so that means i need to go get another fuckin light for this bc god, getting the new light is fine but the question is should i just flower this thing or should i try cloning it and bringing it back to veg, or should i try getting the whole plant in veg again( and is this possible, i've been told by a couple people but never seen results, has anyone heard of this, excpecially this late of flowering????????)

    any advice will help and save me money.
  2. If I were you I would get that plant outta there because if it has PM then it is toast. PM is an STD for plants it shows only when flowering and can infect other plants in the same areas. If it was me i would flower it outside or just get rid of it all together and clean the room really well.

    I hope i'm not freakin you out but it could be a serious problem that spreads quickly and can ruin harvests.

    Good Luck

    Peace :smoking:

  3. thank you for the reply, do you think it can finish flowering outside? right now the sun is going down abot 930 and rises around 5am. but yea i wasnt planning on keeping it anywhere near my plants. fuck that. thats why i was gonna go get another light but just a 250 their on sale at a growshop near by.

    my question was more of should i flower it or shouldi clone it or shouldi try reveg it.
  4. he is right about the disease, def keep it away from any other plants you have goin now. the only way you will be able to flower it outside right now is to control the light cycle or it will push the plant back into veg state which is cool if thats what you wanna do. if you wanna carry on the flower stage out side you can simply put a black trash bag over the plant 12 hours from when the sun comes up. but i think if i were you i would first make the decision to flower or veg after you determined what the hell the mold is exactly growing on your plant, if its just fungal you might be able to get rid of it just by changing the environment or by using some type of herbasidal soap... just sugestions, do research about it b4 you do anything.. but if i were you i would prolly just continue the flower stage since its already 5 weeks in. i would also clone it though just to get another little guy goin and she should be able to go in with your other plants you have goin already.. hope i could help a lil bit

  5. thanks for the reply, the god plant isnt in the same room as mine, i think i'm just gonna clone a couple bottom branches, and flower the rest. i also have 2 other flowering clones that are queen diesels, and they are also in 5 weeks, they are in good health, i think i'm gonna flower both of them but one i'm borderline on, i'm thinking about reveging it, does putting it back to veg ruin quality or make a bigger hermie risk?
  6. crop souds good man :) reveging wont hurt your crop at all if anything will only make it better. alot of people will only harvest the buds instead of havisting the entire plant and then send the plant back into the reveg state for a few weeks to regenerate the plant and then flower it again. this alows maximum productivity of the plant because it shortens the veg state and you dont have to fuck with cloning or growing from seed. this idea of corse came from hippies but it had more of a spirtual idea behind not killing the plant whith it being a living creature and all. i have always wanted to keep a permant garden but have never had a place to. i just started my first dro kit two weeks ago but i am dissatified with it because it uses a resivior system that doesnt cover the grow bed wit nutes (and i lost a seedling already because of it). but im thinkin bout getting an aeroponic kit. but anyway i plan to keep the plant going for as long as i can using this method. def try it out and keep postin progress man. hope i helped some, im a lil spaced right now lol. happy harvest :)

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