bc bud

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Icon of Sin, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. some really killer bc bud

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  2. not bad stuff..i know u can find some beter shit in bc tho. how does the shit smoke?
  3. it's some good shit...tons of trichomes.

    fyi i'm not in bc

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  4. hash :D?

    looks nummy

  5. my bad, if u in bc u will find bud twice as good as that at least. i like the looks of that hash man, smoke it up

  6. so... were you told it was bc bud? if your in canada its possible but the us unlikely unless your close to bc. looks like some good smoke but ive definitely seen better that wasnt even from bc... (and some in bc that was the best damn bud i've ever seen)
    damn i wish i had some of that there hash though, its been a while
  7. As a matter of fact i live no where near Vancouver BC.

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  8. uh... beasters are extremely common in us....ive noticed in northeast and midwest...
  9. GO south from bc and down to Washington we have good bud here better than Bc
  10. Oh yah, i visited WA and it had the dankest buds and bc bud too lol.

  11. Ive hooked up bc bud before and im in so cal. It was ok at best. But my hookup says he doubts they send the good shit down here.
  12. lol, i gett awesome beasters all the time in CT..
  13. mannnnnnnnnnnn it must sux to be you guys im from maple ridge bc and we get some killa chron everytime we buy shiat kelowna bc has some of the most killer chron ive ever seen
  14. Whistler BC had a wonderful selection as well

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