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Bc Bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Hey heads.. I was wondering, since I have a friend who's hooking me up with some BC bud.. I hear it's potent. So what I would like to know is who's ever tried it (and maybe compare it to Toronto shit) and maybe what it looks like so that my friend and I don't get ripped off. Is BC bud the name of a strain (from what seed company?) or is it just the regular stuff that comes out of BC?

    please help. any help will be rewarded with a free virtual smile!!
  2. Well.... i smoke BC bud everday.

    never smoked toronto weed so i got no idea how to compare it. but i do know that all the weed i get has a nice fruity smell, is always light green, nice and bushy.

    bc bud is just bud from bc, not a particular strain. You can get bud identical to bc bud anywhere else in the world, aslong as your a skilled grower. we just have prime conditions around here so the bud usually turns out good with not as much effort.
  3. ..must....move....tocanada.
  4. *100th post*

    Yeah I smoke BC bud a lot here in Seattle and it is pretty good stuff. Never had Totonto's.
  5. nevermind this post...

  6. I'd LOVE to try BC bud! I live at the WA coast & have not tried it. The sad news is, I"m totally dry right now! I'm hoping my friend comes thru & soon! I get up to Seattle every few months but don't really have any connections up there anymore :(
    Cool dog pics! I LOVE dogs! I have a Yorkie, he's about 14 now! He loves his beach walks LOL

  7. me.....too....
  8. hahahaha, canada's kinda neato, nothing special though.

    you guys have it good!! You got like 15 kinds of doritos!!!

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