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BC bud prices (in BC)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Skreebly, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. in 3 days im going on a week long trip to whistler BC, i wanted to know how much to expect to pay for a good sack of nugs in that area (i know, BC has great bud all over the place)
    i just need to know the price for a 1/4 or so
    do you think dealers would except U.S. Dollars? lol
  2. i got an 1/8 of some nice B.C. dro for 30 bucks CDN over the summer
    but i was in ontario at the time...
  3. i live like 3 hours from there, right by the border.

    bud goes for classic prices around here, in canadian.

  4. yeah i pay 10 a gram.. quarters are 60

    you can usually find good shit on the street, but its kind of hit and miss
  5. I live in Surrey, right off the #1 Hwy, 160th st. exit...I got a couple buddies who'd be more than willing to hook ya up with some quality dank for good prices :D

    BTW, don't freak out when you hear "Surrey"...I live in the nice area :)

    PS...No, most dealers would probably NOT accept American dollars ;)
  6. its actually me, 3 friends and my family, and 2 other friends and their family....... we're not gonna have cars or anything we're gonna be in whistler village pretty much the whole week

  7. so which part of wally do u live in... heh

  8. Assuming that was a joke, "Haha, very funny..."

    Assuming you really were asking a question, "Well, Whalley is about a 10 minute drive away from my place. We live in Fraser Heights. It's a lot like pleasantville except not so gay. We have cool drug dealers and no homeless people. The houses are nice and most people drive BMWs or Porsches. Does that sum it up for ya?" :)
  9. American dololars are the shit.Or are they?
  10. leavin tommorow at 5 am!!! cant fucking wait

  11. shit i know sum chicks from there... these fine ass triplets.. dayum ... bout grade 10ish ... ya i hear itz pretty dope round there

    p.s. it was a joke, and yes i know it was funny ;)

  12. So, on a scale from one to ten, how homosexual was Pleasantville, exactly?

    BTW, I loved that movie...I thought it was just have to get's about how you can't protect yourself from the corruption of the doesn't work, and you miss out on too many wonderful things

  13. ya man they go to fraser heights secondary...i went to school with them...(now im in university)
  14. smoked about 2 oz's of shiny bc bud, and drank my fair share of canadian beer. i never had to ask anyone for bud, they asked me if i wanted any!!!!! my friends and i had a blast and are now back to spending 70 us for a shitty 1/4, when just days ago we spend 60 canadian for chronic. makes me realize how much better bc is than my entire state
  15. yea man, bc owns everything. i fuckin love it here.

    id still like to get down to the states when im older though...
  16. dont bother lol.
    ive lived in the states all my life (maybe its just michigan that i cant stand) but bc blows the states away in my opinion in most aspects
    stronger beer, lower drinking age, chronic easily available and affordable, most amazing snowboarding and mountain views on earth, and fresh snow in april
    man, i think im gonna be depressed for a while about being back home

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