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BC Bud Ounce Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sarkons, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, I haven't posted a pickup in awhile, yesterday i picked up a quality ounce for 200$.
    Hope you enjoy,







    Feel free to comment.

  2. Very nice...

    Jealous of your lo-cal, considering that'd be 325-375 here :p
  3. I know where I want to live now. That's 375-450 here.
  4. that look great wish i could have sum deleiver to my door step:smoke:
  5. Haha funny you say that. My dealer delivers in the summer.
  6. that is straight chronic, dank pick up man... comparing prices i see. I could dank like this for $250-300... may be even less if you know the right people, we get our fair share of bc and ab buds i bet... not sure but i can almost guarantee some of the bud around here has come from north of the border.
  7. now thats a lucky motherfucker I cand get a ounce of dank of 220-250
  8. OMG am i jealous. I would get about 15.5 grams for that price. So luckyyyyy.

    +rep on sick pickup. damn new york prices!
  9. The price right now is high, sometimes in the summer i could get em for 160 or 180.

  10. Shit, bruh, what's up with these fucked prices? West Coast (Portland, OR area), I can get an ounce for around $160, and it's high grade.
  11. #11 Sarkons, Feb 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2011
    lucky man, not sure. i wish i could get that price.

  12. same here. i'd love if it were 200 for a zip of that
  13. Nice. A little leafy but that would run me around $220. Looks good man, enjoy. :)
  14. looks a little short as most of my zips fill that jar and another one.

    but it could be super dense.

  15. i think i was super high or didn't take a good look but thats roughly what it'd be here too. 2-250. looked a lot funkier before but i'd say its some beasters
  16. BC all the way dank is like 190-220. Never had to pay more.

    It's awesome.

  17. not really, the leafs that are on the buds are small enough that clipping them off would've been EXTREMELY time consuming and tedious. plus the leaves are crystal-y as hell!

    good pick man :)

    hehe i love living in canada... my dealer just sold me a 14 g nug of sweet tooth.

  18. Shit, you should see the jar my QP came in. :smoke:
  19. Thanks guys.

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