BC Bud Depot Seeds back in stock @ the Original Seeds Store !!!!!

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  1. BC Bud Depot Seeds

    BC Pinewarp - Regs
    Texada Timewarp x Purple Pineberry
    Boy does she grow big and can produce yields that can easily exceed 3 pounds a plant!

    Shiatsu Kush - Regs

    Japanese Shiatsu Kush
    The high is totally holistic filling every inch of your mind, body and soul with a power that is so strong, it is boarding on ridiculous.

    BC Rockstar - Regs

    Bubba Kush x Rockstar
    Her beautiful black nugs are so dense that when they are dry even breaking them apart needs some force, and they are so sticky even dank doesn't describe it.

    BC Cheese - Regs
    BC Cheese - Fems
    Skunk #1 x UK Cheese
    She gives an intense high with a cheesy flavour so compelling that it is hard to put a finger on.

    BC Sweet Tooth

    Shes a preferred production plant, this indica is preferred by many for speedy yields of medicinal high-grade.

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