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BBs in a bong.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Crunge, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. If you put a shit ton of BBs in the bong water, would it diffuse it? What would happen? I doubt I will ever try it, but would there be anything wrong with it?

  2. seems like it should but i wouldnt wanna fill by glass with bbs :eek:
  3. AIRSOFT BB's Please. I told my buddy to put BB's in an he put pellets haha.
  4. I have copper and plastic air soft bbs, which would be better? I'm determined to try this lmao
  5. What's a bb?
  6. Glass marbles are a better idea
  7. [​IMG]
    Damn, I really am old!
  8. Good idea until u swallow one lol

  9. Untill ur glass breaks?

  10. If you can pull a bb off of the bottom of a bong I sure hope you're a female.
    And if you are, will you PM me your number, please?
  11. [quote name='"BuRnTrEeS247"']

    Untill ur glass breaks?[/quote]

    Why would your glass break?

    Just be careful putting them in there and they're fine. I've done it and it works

  12. Lmao Idk I just figured it would...

    To the marbles wouldn't they chip ur diffuser when there in there?
  13. No they don't move around that much. Just gotta take care putting your downstem in but once its in you're good to go
  14. Considering my stem already has a diffuser I'm probably not gonna bother filling my bong with BBs.
  15. Ive used glass marbles with great effect.
  16. I've seen this many a time. You are supposed to use plastic BBs (Airsoft), it makes the smoke a little smoother, makes a cool little tinkle noise, and supposedly keeps the bong cleaner because (some of?) the res sticks to the plastic balls instead of the glass.
  17. There are actual bb like looking things that are meant for doing this, which is where i assume you got this idea. Don't you think that the plastic bbs would be hazardous because they're plastic? Or am I just over worried?
  18. Aha thats the least of your worries ;)
  19. The BB's being in water it will stay cool so you'll be fine. Plus you're not going to drink the water anyways...hope not.

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