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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ThePowerOfPot, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Well first things off im Australian so I don't if people know about this or not, I just found this out today

    thta Barrack Obama was born in hawaii before it was a state, so technically hes not American, so he shouldn't be allowed to be President?!?!?

    Correct me if im wrong.
  2. Thanks for your insight.

    We all appreciate it.

  3. Nice sarcasm, don't blame me. Takes four years for shit to come down under
  4. Oh, I see. That ended a year ago (or maybe two) when Obama released his birth certificate. :p

    There's still some retard skeptics around who will try to argue otherwise. You always get those loonies. For example, I'm sure some "genius" american has a reply to this....just wait....

  5. hhaha Flame shield on...Cos Im blazin :p
  6. Ah, another fine example to make us Australians look like ignorant fuckwits.
    Thank you for that, op. Really.
  7. Oh, the first time I hear about it, but then again I just don't care.
  8. Even if he isnt american were 4 years late, soon might be 8 years to late lol

  9. Too many credible people think otherwise. Let me guess... You also think the OS of 9/11 has no flaws? :rolleyes:

    Brainwashed people..
  10. .....

    Hawaii became a state in '59...Obama was born in '61.

    However, his grandmother, before she died, has been recorded on video remembering that she saw little 'ol barack being born in kenya..where the rest of his family is.

    Regardless..he was elected due to the black vote (not a racist thing..just a fact) and has done nothing but talk for 4 years.

    Dont worry though, this too shall pass.

    RON PAUL..for VP?..thats our best shot people.

  11. He was born in '61, and Hawaii became a state in '59. He's all set.
  12. Exactly, this conversation doesn't even matter bc its far too late to actually do anything about it.
    He's been president for 4 years, there is no way in hell this government will admit he wan't born in the USA
  13. Dumb thread.

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