BBc/white rhino/G13/train-wreck/s.a.g.e grow-log coming (SOON)

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    hi there :wave:this is my 1st attemp at doing a log well publicly any way, here goes :confused: your have 2 bere with me a few days till i sort sum pics out

    • BB-cheeze 5 clones
    • White rhino 5 clones
    • G13-haze (not a favorite but its in anyway lol) 2 clones
    • Trainwreck 1 (WAITING FOR THE REST TO POP) seed
    • S.A.G.E 10 clones
    • 400W M/H
    • 600W Sodium

    The medium im using at the min is a mixture of few different types
    • canna coco
    • bio-mix
    • rockwool


    • water for the first 4-6 wks
    • Canna A&B
    • PK 13/14
    (any one with any tips or info train wreck pls let me know)

    tried posting a pic but couldnt

    sorry guy's for my lack of computer knolage im a dummy when it comes 2 theese things

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