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BBC reporter injects pure THC and a mix of THC and cannabinoids

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by abrb18, May 14, 2010.

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    Im sure alot of you have seen this but hahahhaa funniest video ever when she does the THC and cannabinoids. at 1:49 she declares "My god its fun! Amazing. Amazing." and the pure THC injection she describes it as being at a funeral or even worse. Watch it, its hilarious and very enlightening. Just shows how synergistic MJ plants are

    BBC documentary maker compares injections of THC and cannabidiol - Boing Boing
  2. Haha I lol'd so hard at her face when it was hitting her kinda a mix of :eek: and :love:
  3. haha thats a perfect description of her face. i wonder if she had ever smoked before that. if not, a THC injection would be quite the experience :D.
  4. Although the experiement was scientifically questionable at best, it at least raises some interesting questions. For one, I know from life experience and reading the boards here on GC that blades/people who are predisposed/already suffering from mental illness can have these problems exasterbated by marijuana. However, the video in the OP makes me wonder if this can be avoided if those suffering from a mental illness used CBD heavy Indica's.

    This video also made me wonder if pot hit the street in IV form, would I become a junkie? I was able to determine that no, no I would not. Even if I had a bunch of IV pot and a few clean needles, I would look to trade it for nature's dank. I think marijuana is best used without needles.

    After another series of thoughts, it made me realize that weed in IV form would be GREAT for diabetics. Load up an epipen with a load of THC/CBD, and you can get away with using anywhere! Certainly a nice treat for a condition that can be a pain in the (pancre) ass.
  5. ya my dad would love one of those epipens, he has a myriad of health issues including diabetes and he loves what weed does for him but we grew up mormon so he still has it engrained in his head that weed is bad. I think if he could get something from his legit doctors that wasnt produced by some stoners at a co op he would be alot more likely to medicate with weed. I would definitely never inject THC, thats the one line I drew for myself when i started experimenting with substances. And in my personal experience, I have panic attacks and anxiety and strong sativas make it worse, but heavy indicas make it sooooo much better. Ive been on a quest to find the strain with the highest CBD/THC ratio for my night time smoke.

  6. Marijuana doesn't exacerbate symptoms of "mental illness". That's a myth.

    What you're thinking of is the fact that heavy, sustained, long term use of marijuana in adolescents marginally increases the chance that schizophrenic symptoms will show themselves earlier in those who are already genetically predisposed to the illness.
  7. i honestly feel like, it is a sort of bias, if she isnt a heavy marijuana user, her tolerance is shit, if shes being injected with pure concentrates of chemicals it will be a lot more intense, then what is available in plant matter being smoked...
  8. I dunno, i think its a myth that its a myth. Ill do some more research since I havent looked into the mental side of it and all I learned about it was from inpatient, so it was pretty biased. but based on my experience and people I know, it does make some mental illnesses worse. I have a friend who gets intensely depressed whenever he smokes, maybe its not a real physical cause, maybe he just starts thinking about his life and stuff. But some sativas for sure make my anxiety worse. Ive spent nights literally staring at my ceiling trying to calm down. and its not just because Im too high, im pretty used to being blazed as fuck.
  9. This can be summarized as "Marijuana excasterbates symptoms of certain mental illness's in those predisposed to it." Which is exactly what I posted. Not sure why you felt the need to dispute this, then claim the same thing I did in my original post. All you did was add more words, but still failed to address the POINT of my post, which was an inquiry into how different strands of Cannabis with less THC and more CBDs could be used to treat these mental afflictions.

    TLDR: NO U!
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    logically, her cognitive/reflective capacities were incompetant for the utilization of pure THC; conversly, if it were given to a monk, genius, or intelligent seasoned toker it would be highly beneficial. You cant be prone to emotional imbalances. It's like asking her to do salvia or another psychoactive and asking for opinion; Not a credible/fit subject for trial)
    plus, she wasnt even doing anything, just wasted the high
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    No, it cant.

    Exacerbate means makes things worse.

    It doesn't make it worse.

    And in only ONE mental illness: schizophrenia

    It makes it MAYBE SHOW UP EARLIER.

    Please learn what words mean before you use them. When you "summarize" things, you start to dilute the truth. Your turn of phrase makes people think that weed will make any mental problem worse. Which is simply not true. At all. Period.

    The only link to mental issues is in adolescents, and the only trouble is it may cause the symptoms to show themselves earlier rather than later on in life.

    And there's strong evidence to refute that too, considering the percentage increase is only from like 2% to 3%. Not significant.

    Please stop spreading misinformation around. That kind of uneducated tripe is what hurts the legalization process.
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  13. hahaha great find!
  14. You haven't shown anything to prove you opinion, other than offering your own opinion. And instead of addressing the point of my OP, you cling to correcting a sentence I intentionally left vague. And by the way, when you say: "Your turn of phrase makes people think that weed will make any mental problem worse. " Stupid people misinterpreting text doesn't make it incorrect, it makes the person interpreting the text stupid. And you haven't even shown how my phrasing was incorrect. Making symptoms show up earlier than would otherwise be seen is by definition exacerbating it. You seem to want to make the point that weed doesn't make every mental illness worse in everyone. No one is arguing against that. That's not what I said, nor what I implied. If you insist on inserting your opinion on the topic being discussed, you are more than welcome. But you are trying to create a debate where there is none. So since you seem to be missing THE POINT, im going to quote myself again in hopes you recognize the pattern that you have until now been missing: "All you did was add more words, but still failed to address the POINT of my post, which was an inquiry into how different strands of Cannabis with less THC and more CBDs could be used to treat these mental afflictions"
  15. :rolleyes:

    You're a fool using and misspelling words that you have no clue as to their actual meaning.

    There's no debate, you're just clearly wrong.
  16. You best be trollin'.
  17. :rolleyes:

    Trolling by calling people out on blatant misinformation?

    Gotcha, kid.

    Moving on..
  18. What's up with all the hostility in this thread? You guys are depressing me :(
  19. My god it's fun!!
  20. Post up some links of legit studies proving your point.

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