Bbc Illegal Television Interruption Weve All Forgotten

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    Saturday, November 26th, 1977 BBC television was interrupted by what appears to be a message from otherworldy being...
    BBC did not approve the intterruption and it was deemed as an outside source.
    Take from it what you will.
    Fast forward to 1:05 if you don't want the details before watching the broadcast. The subtitles are added by the video uploader. The Audio was CHANGED in the youtube video to make it fully audible. If you want the british accent free version that was unedited it is below.

    Love. Live. Learn.
    This is a link to the unedited unchanged original broadcast sound. Much harder to make out.

  2. Someone must have been really bored.
  3. It's definitely a human in my opinion that has made that. However the sentiments are fairly sound. The reason I think a human made it (other than the HUGE improbability that nobody noticed until 36 years later) is because of the fact they call us a 'race'.
    If any extraterrestrial being were to make contact with us I think they'd more carefully write their message. They wouldn't make a common mistake that our own populace makes by calling us the "Human race".
    Thanks again underahoneymoon for your nothing contribution. Much appreciated by all I'm sure.
  4. [SUB]Once again Idiocracy was an awesome movie.[/SUB]
    [SUB]I believe in the alien reality,and there style is mostly passive in waiting for us to grow up.[/SUB]
    [SUB]Bed time kids......I will leave the night light on for you.[/SUB]
  5. Is it scary? I'm too high and don't want to watch something creepy
  6. Is it scary? I'm too high and don't want to watch something creepy
    shit like this gets to me, but this particular video only raised gooseflesh.
  8. Bullshit.
  9. Also that was proven to be a hoax
  10. you guys are bugging this is real :D 
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    =P Interesting... I honestly don't know what to make of it but I don't think it was proven to be bullshit.
    This is what wikipedia had to say.. Explains how the message was able to intterrupt.


    At that time, the Hannington UHF television transmitter was unusual in being one of the few transmitters which rebroadcast an off-air signal received from another transmitter (Southern Television's Rowridge transmitter on the Isle of Wight), rather than being fed directly by a landline. As a consequence it was open to this kind of signal intrusion, as even a relatively low-powered transmission very close to the receiver could overwhelm its reception of the intended signal, resulting in the unauthorized transmission being amplified and rebroadcast across a far wider area. The IBA stated that to carry out a hoax would take "a considerable amount of technical know-how"<sup>[4]</sup> and a spokesman for Southern Television confirmed that "A hoaxer jammed our transmitter in the wilds of North Hampshire by taking another transmitter very close to it."<sup>[2]</sup> However, like the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion a decade later, the identity of the intruder was never confirmed.
    I don't see how we can prove this was or wasn't a hoax. But the content is interesting. If a human did this they have wayyyy too much time on our hands. The producer would have had to know a lot about spirituality and ufology to compile this and the more I think about it I'm not so sure this was a hoax.
    But go on, question everything and learn nothing...
    Me and davros will leave the night lights on for ya'll.
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    Sometimes I really can't believe how gullible people are
    The things he says and way he speaks seems very human. In my opinion, its completely possible for someone to have done this and had extensive knowledge of ufology and spirituality. I mean, look at all the crazy shit people come up with today using those and other psuedosciences.

    It just sounds like some guy talking through voice distortion. Oh, and in case anyone thinks this was an alien because its not possible for someone to hijack a TV broadcast, look up the Max Headroom hijacking that happened about ten years later, which I think was way that case the person took over audio and video. Do you think it was the cartoon character hijacking the broadcast?
  13. Hmm.. human voice. I don't really get the idea of their being Galactic councils so-to-speak. A lot of E.T. enthusiasts usually mention some sort of inter-planetary group of beings that dictate the the status quo of the cosmos. I just don't buy it. If there were such group, I find it extremely hard to believe they would use such words like "Galactic Council" or "Federation of  Galaxies" or "Galactic Federation". They wouldn't be using words that have the same meanings as we do. I believe in E.T's but that part just doesn't work for me. 
  14. So aliens have British accents?  yeah this is not very believable at all in my opinion which is a shame I had gotten quite excited.
  15. Shit like this freaks me out but only because I imagine the terror that must have been stricken unto those watching BBC that night.
  16. I don't buy that a group is dictating the status quo of the cosmos either. Also I believe the name is probably just a human interpretation of what it may actually be... just a group. My opinion is there are probably different species working together for the greater good of the universe. Probably just look out for the greater good of their own and others. My opinion(again) is that they probably need to find other beings with good to protect or isolate themselves from the bad out there. Because there is no way extraterrestrials are all good. But maybe the bad are quaratined(ourselves included) from going around destroying shit. I don't think they rule or run anything but maybe just help those who can't help themselves.
    HAHA right. Sorry brother but its really a 90% chance it's retarded, full retard at that. I'm still trying to keep my eyes open to the other 10% regardless because I find it  the content of this message interesting; it really falls in line with a lot I have read.
    I do think though however if intelligent life did deliever a message to us it would be in a similar form. I don't think they'd use a language we did not know or something else. They'd probably do something to make us comfortable with hearing such message. But another reason I doubt they would deliever this message is because it would be interfering with the inferior from a galatic point of view.
    But whomever did this probably just did go full retard; That I am aware of. But ignoring the 10% isn't the way to examine something like this.
    And to Pot toker who said people are sooooo gullible(probably aimed at me), I'm not gullible for looking at both side of the coin.
  17. Has nobody seen transformers? They learn our shit then rock our world. :rolleyes:
  18. Seems to much like some shit from Mass Effect to me.  :confused_2:
  19. Truth does not scare much. Alien stuff aside, The message is speaking the truth

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