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    Found another documentary that most people probably havent seen, it's a recent one to. Going to watch it now.

    Go on youtube and watch it, it's wide screen and will auto play through all 6 parts.
    [ame=""]YouTube - BBC Horizon 2009 Cannabis Documentary 1 of 6[/ame]
  2. I wanted to stop watching as soon as the guy starting acting like he was addicted to coke or something. If you feel it's taking over your life it's not that hard to cut down.
    It's not phsyically addictive, his mind has tricked him into believing he can't stop.
  3. Remember, those are just two people who suffured negative effects and of course they could have been from other factors and not just herb. The 'john' guy didn't seem like he would even try to change his life.

    Overall I found it pretty good, and there was a positive side, but that was in the second half of the movie.
  4. Yeah I found it quite interesting +rep
  5. Just watched it all, it's nice to see a documentary that covers both sides, i mean the Union (as great as it is) only covers one side of the story and a few others i have seen only focus on the negative. But it was a good watch, +Rep.
  6. Very good, plus rep for putting that up here. Thanks
  7. thanx again brother
  8. I'm about two minutes in, fairly too early to make a judgement, but I feel the abusers are really coming off...too strong. I just can't understand how pot can be so dangerous, it's likely a matter of psychological health.

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