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  1. Hey everyone, I just built my own BB hydro unit(2) and have already germinated a Cali Hash Plant and a Purple Lady from "the Tude" and just planted into my units and under L.E.D. panel. I am using General Hydroponics Nutes. My questions is it alright to spray nute mixture on sprouts until the roots extend out the bottom of the net cups or at least until plant gets little bigger? This is my first grow and I could use any suggestions or pointers please. Thanks.
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    Yes that will work. I did it from seedling like that. Keeping cube slightly moist until roots made it out of the pot that is.
    I used a slightly diluted nute solution to get the plant used to it.

    One of my buckets I used an ultrasonic fogger to keep the cube moist. Fog was coming out of the top of the netpot. I turned this off a week after roots hit water.

    Good luck. Once roots hit water you won't believe how much they explode!
  3. Thanks alot, this site and the people that are kind enough to share this valuable info. is greatly appreciated. That's funny I also have an ultrasonic fogger device and I was wondering what effect it would have on a plant. I was thinking of putting it somewhere around plant after it grows little more just to experiment. Also, my buckets that I'm using are kinda small, only about a gallon or so. I have a 5.5 inch net pot with about half the bucket filled up with water to reach bottom of net cup. Thus having alot of oxygen in chamber. Hope thats good. Only problem is that the bucket is probably too small, idk.? Probably move it to bigger bucket later when it gets bigger,idk.? My problem is that I only have one led panel 12"X12" and limited to that space of light until I get another light source besides fluro. Also using hydroton. What about ph meters, where can I get one cheap? Thanks so much for anwering my ?'s. I can't wait to move to Cali, prolly in about a year, oh God can't wait.
  4. 1 gallon bucket will be OK.
    It's just harder to keep your nutrient solution in tune in a smaller container.
    Be sure to keep a close eye on PH especially. You won't need very much PH down to get on target. I like to keep my PH about 6.0.

    Try ebay for the PH meter.
    They sell Hannah (good brand name) instruments PH indicators for classrooms/schools that only run like $33 shipped. This is what I bought. If you look hard on ebay you'll find one including the calibration solution.
    NEW! HANNA HI99104 99104 PH METER TESTER CHECKER - eBay (item 300309524417 end time Oct-18-09 07:17:25 PDT)
  5. Wow you are awesome man! I will get that ph meter for sure, thanks. Also, I have a sunleaves Garden of Ease aeroponics system. 13"x13" - 4 plants. 4 Gal. res. w/ pump to spray nute solution on roots. Are you familiar with this system from My question is should I plant all 4 pots or less. Is it really capable of producing 4 plants successfully? Also how often would you replace the nute solution being 4 gals. and all.
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    I believe so. I don't think it would be the best possible option for say four very large plants, but I'm sure you could get away with 4 clones or four seedlings in there to about 2-3' each I'd guess. I'd be worried about males in such a small unit and would probably grab four clones for it. If you cant do that and have to start from seeds, Grow a mother first. Then you won't have to worry about the males cause you can cut clones off the mommy. Mommy only has to be 12" tall or so before she'll put off chutes large enough to clone.

    Nute changes are gonna vary throughout your grow and will likely become more often as the plants get bigger in your unit. They really do start to drink quite a bit of water when they get bigger and start to bud! I'd start out changing once every 10 days or so like Rumple and Lucas recommend, and topping off with Nute water. That's what I've been doing in my 5 and 3 gallon buckets with plenty of success. Also since you have more plants in one unit might want to change even more often? Probably should ask the more experienced there as I'm still new to this too.

    In fact the buckets are the easiest and most predictable part of my setup. I keep having to pull plants for other reasons. lol

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