BB Cheese and amnesia haze cuttings (coco)

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  1. yo , hows it goin grasscity 
    kinda new round here , thought id start a diary more for my own benifit to keep track . been lurking round the forums and this site is filled with top growers ,so any advice will be appreciated .
    600w parabolic daul spec
    canna natural coco
    canna a+b rhizo pk13/14 
    1.2 m2 tent
    scrog (type of)
    feeding run to waste
    the cutting that im using are of my current grow , i took them over 4 weeks ago now . their rooted nicely and been potted up . cant get them properly going till my current plants finish, bout 3 weeks away.
    here they are
    View attachment 153470
    View attachment 153469
    and heres there mothers
    View attachment 153472
    View attachment 153430
    thanks for lookin in , if ive missed something let me know . peace 

  2. Right these plants are 7 weeks in flower today so 2 -3 more weeks and we can get this grow started. Cutting are still well and good

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