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Bay area/ norcal ppl

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bayareabou, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. i am looking to get some hash tomorow... Which dispensary sells good cheap hash and weed and by cheap i mean $20 or less for a gram of hash
  2. ive often put words like "weed" and "maps" into google and find answers like this quite easily
  3. ya ive been on weed maps but ive seen people talk about $5-20 gram of hash and i usually pay $50
  4. wow 50 holy smokes thats insane where u at in the bay? If ur around sanoma i just found a spot that has full melt for 15 a g. and u get a free jay. alternatives its on weedmaps. organicann is worth traveling to in the north bay too they have this blond stuff thats 25 for a half g and its srsly from another world i dont even like fucking with it
  5. If it's cheap it probably won't be good and if it's good it probably won't be cheap. Hash for 20 or less a gram usually doesn't even melt at all. Go to Elemental Wellness in San Jose you can get some great bubble hash for around 30-35 a gram.

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