Bay area madness

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by akos789, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I have a feeling both the 49ers and the Raiders are going to have great seasons.

    but theres no doubt both teams have some serious work to do.
  2. 49er's are lookin pretty stout, but Raider's will never succeed as long as Al Davis runs the show.
  3. I thought the same thing heading into the season watching them thru the pre-season. But the Raiders team I was watching yesterday against the Cheifs isn't the same team as before.

    As for the Niners..... they will be truly tested against the Vikes this coming up Sunday , that'll be a great game.
  4. I agree, the Raiders looked strong against the Chargers and probably should've won that game. The 49ers also look really good but they play in such a weak division that no one will give them much recognition unless they keep on winning.
  5. Both are teams from the weakest division in each conference.

    I kind of had a hunch the 9er's would be good this year. After the way the finished last season. Gotta give biggggg props to Mike Singletary, whatever he's doing is working.

    I have absolutely no faith in the Raiders.

    I gotta say I'm also really impressed by the Jets. Rookie QB, two great wins so far.... definitely more than I expected from them.
  6. Raiders defense can hold us up as long as we stop playing prevent D in the 4th quarter. I admit I don't believe in Russell, but he'll do better once we get Schillens back in a couple weeks; him and Miller are the only targets Jamarcus has chemistry with it seems. As long as he overthrows everyone instead of throwing picks it should be alright.

    Everybody can tell 49ers are on the right track. They're basically in the same position as us, but more progressed.. no QB and young WRs (except Bruce) depending on the run game and defense.
  7. All I'm saying is, even if the Raiders looked good last game, remember they were playing the Chiefs.
  8. You can't judge a team based on what it accomplished last season. For all you know the Cheifs could make it to the playoffs this year then what will you say?

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