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  1. This year for the first time in 6 years me and the wifey are leaving jumboldt county.
    We've decided to move to the bay area and in fashion with my style I'm looking for when is the best time to plant outdoorsies in the bay.
    Earliest is best.
    I intend to germinate then plant them.
    Then smoke them all :)
    approximate dates appreciated
  2. ^ sisters b day and a good one for your ladies aswell :hello:

    although if your gonna start indoor and want big plants id start early april
  3. im growing in placer county. anyone use greenhouses to veg out their plants? say...starting mid march/beg. april?
  4. Whats up superdro, I be planning my grow for this year, i reside just west of the SF Bay and just north of Golden Gate Bridge. I REALLY wanted to begin April 1st, but i feel it STILL may be too cold during the nights for the little seedlings. Because of this I will start them for inside and hope to get them acclimated slowly outside.

    As for approximate dates:

    Germinate: April 1st - May 1st (Depending on weather)
    Plant: Mid April - Early May (Look for night temps above 45 degrees)
    Harvest: Late September - Mid October (Depending on sativa or indica)
    Smoke It: ALL to your dome in mid to late November after it has been properly dried and cured.
  5. how does everyone combat the fog on the coast? i find that most challenging here
  6. lol...been started

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  7. Buddog is back. Looking good bud. I love your pit in the back ground.
  8. whats up brosiff.....yes im back again....pollination project went off without a hitch....plant are doing great....bubba kush...platinum og kush...and grand daddy purple all crossed with chocolate are things in your garden bro?
  9. wait for it to burn other choice....
  10. 5x5 monsters already. My starts where 10x bigger than last year. My pots are double the size. It should be a good one
  11. usual...glad to hear it.....keep it green....
  12. im referring to the mold that occurs from fog. whata the best way to prevent it. thanks keep it lit

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