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bay area grapes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dumy0, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Oh yeah Napa...did 100 days there its run by volenteer non deputised um...gaurds. Sonoma County sherrif are a lil'different. Did you know a public defender in So.Co. is $75 and in Na.Co. its $750 I got out of jail checked into probation and they didnt even know I was in there Na.Co. They were all Um come back later then they sent me a letter saying nevermind:confused:
  2. What the fuck? Wait, im kinda confused, did they fuck you over or let you off?=p
  3. I did 100. I journal logged it. and have experience in there are crazy differences in the way things work! and the only thing that seperates it is a mountain! I was thinking of writting a tale of 2 valleys JAILS. Oh all my jailhouse excursions are because of ALCHOHOL! straight up I never drank until one night got poped put in the system couldnt smoke turned to booze cheeper cant test turns out I have a family history blah blah blah because i couldnt smoke basically I turned to the worse of 2 evils and when i was off the hook I was on another:(
  4. God damn, that sounds miserable. Well idk, never been to jail in either County, or any big trouble as a matter of fact. But every time I get caught smoking in Napa, they lemme off the hook=p
  5. Those damn 1 way streets is what got me last time I got to the end and sure enough there was a COP! I admitted my intoxication in exchange for him parking my car in a vacant lot...he obliged. I told him staraight up "Im drunk but can you park my car over ther so it dosnt get towed" They did I got out at 4 a.m. walked to my car not more than 1 1/2 blocks from the station DOH! and drove home knowing that it was ALL GONE!:( Im still trying to recover but have managed to compensate or fill the void as best as possible.
    You know all those stupid pepole that resort to crime as a job because they cant work a register....and ugly motherfuckers that are smart enough but to ugly to work a register.......YEAH THEY'RE THERE!!!!
  6. Hahahahahahaahahahahahaha epic story dude

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