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bay area grapes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dumy0, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. +rep for the poptart... i mean those dank grapes.

  2. thankks lol
  3. haha i didnt know disco had some dank like that

  4. lol its out here
  5. .....Nobody knows what grape is till you visit Napa.

  6. reminds me of some GDP i used to get..dank!

  7. lol are u talking about real grapes or trees

  8. Im talkin bout both! Our soil is great for growing bud and wine grapes :D
  9. Yup Wine Country IS BAT COUNTRY!;)

  10. lol i gotta take a trip over there
  11. You should, its amazing. If you need a place to toke, just pull over, go 20 or 30 feet into some vineyards and yer good to go =D
  12. #32 NoCalCann, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    And there are hundreds of vinyards...and most yocal's smoke!;) Im dressing as Hunter this Halloween..I mean,why not I already have the haircut.

  13. lol....

  14. Thats dope:D

    Im thinkin bout being a legalize it weed leaf.....
  15. Nice and it would be a good reminder of the election 2 days after!;)
  16. That's what I was goin for=p I just gotta find an "original" Looking costume. All the ones i've found are cheap and stupid looking. Comon, how hard is it to get a NICE looking weed leaf legalize it costume?
  17. Weve been stereotyped to the point of paranoia of being percieved as DRUG ADDICTS that even if a proud stoner might not feel so comfortable walking around in a weed leaf costume blantantly announcing to the world that you are a pot head but maybe that would be a great excuse to get stoped by police:( even if your not doing anything wrong that could ruin a night...although if you had the PROP 19 or legalize wouldnt seem as suspicious but still cops are dicks not all but most. Its definetly somthing youd want to wear to a bussines costume party that has strict drug testing policies although it would be funny:D
  18. If sombody hits you up for a bowl or you get stopped say your a HEMP leaf and contain NO THC!;)
  19. Or the last minute wrap yourself in paper and say your a JOINT!:p
  20. Hahahaha=p

    Yeah, im not too worried bout cops. Fuck em, they can't search me just because im wearing a weed leaf costume. And besides, ive been caught by half of napa county's police department, and lemme say, they're all a buncha softies=p

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