Bay area!! Are you ready for the rain?!

Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. its gonna rain this whole week. its raining outside right now in SJ and im smoking a joint and listening to music. doesnt get any better :smoking:

    i love the sound of rain.
  2. I'm in Miami and it's raining here too :D

    For a whole week? Shit. How long has it been since it's rained?

    Smoking in the rain is chill. I remember smoking some resin with my friend one night and it was raining and thundering and the resin had fucked us up good and the lightning looked bad ass because of our frame vision :D

  3. SJ that's what's up I stay on they eastside packed some bowls now I'm watching football yee
  4. a long time.

    nice nice :smoking:
  5. pickin up a dank half tomorow, gonna have all day to chill and smoke while it rains
  6. SJ definitely needs some rain @_@. Gonna suck when going out to watch sharks tho :p

    Where you guys at? Northside here near the edge of milpitas and sj

  7. Your really close to the new haborside lucky you
  8. Here in Oregon it's been raining non-stop since November.

    Nothing like the rain.
  9. The skies opened up in the valley today, lucky me I get to work outside in it all :(
  10. Tahoe is gonna get puked on.:hello::D:smoking:
  11. Man that rain will suck... allll week! We need the rain though.

    I'm right downtown next to the shark tank.(nice to walk 5 mins to go to a game) Grew up on the east-side, Was growing trees in those east hills too!:bongin:
  12. fuck i hate the rain its bullshit
  13. im down with the rain. To me i look at rain like snow. And when i watch the weather and the lady tells me the bay area is expected to get 12 inches of rain in some places but then proceeds to tell me tahoe is expected to get 8-10 feet of brand new snow. I cant help but smile and know that at the end of this week of hell and rain i will be riding some epic powder happy as can be.
  14. I love the rain.
  15. Rain all week down here in SLO too, but i'm on a t-break :(.
  16. its windy and raining like a BITCH!
  17. And I'm llooooving it!

    Ahh, I missed the smell of the first rain..
  18. mmm i love it too! xcept when my directv goes out cuz its pouring so damn much
  19. Not raining anymore.
  20. here in new england

    it just stopped SNOWin!

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