Battling with HeAt!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cloud9cruzer, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Dude I am dealing with the same situation with this 76 deg. in fucking March. It's supposed to be in the 40's this time of year.
    Let me tell you from experience there is only so much you can do. I always tear my room down by May it's just too hard in the summer.
    What I do is run my lights at night witch helps a little. Also vent the fuck out of your attick so it doesn't get any hotter than outside.
    The obvious is ac, but that looks suspicious hanging out an attick. Good luck man.
    Just think what this heat does to the rest of the world. Crop failures, water shortages,famine. Not good times we live in man.

  2. well. what i am doing for the moment , since i dont have any sprouts yet. i keep the tent open. and im still at 86 degrees with a inline fan and oscillating fan as well. but im going to go and fix that. im about to make my own DIY ac. i have a bad ass fan from work that someone spliced together to have a plug for a wall socket. the blades are super thick, really hard plastic. which chop your fingers right off, if not careful. anyhow, im going to get a nice sized igloo cooler and a pvc pipe. fill the cooler with frozen gel packs. that thing should bring down the temp at least a good 10 degrees. and that should be with the tent closed and everything.
  3. ^ there are some great DIY ac fans in the DIY section.

    Portable ac is always an option, but they are pricey as fuck.

    If it doesn't cool down I may be trying the DIY ac.

    With lights on at night I never get over 82 during lights on, and 76 lights out. Hotter than I want,but with co2 running it's no problem.
  4. Yes, I have a DIY cooler A/C, but the problem is that I don't want to have to fill it up every time it melts, there are already too many things I have to do so the room doesn't get to humid, too dry, too hot, too cold.
    Maybe the room sucks but is all I have unless I move to the basement.

    Portable AC's are pricy as hell, but I think is something that will save soo much time and is just very convenient for situations like this. But for now something home-made would have to do.

    If there was some way to hack a dehumidifier so it blows cold air from the back :D, that would be ghetto as hell but HEY I'm a broke, starving, cannabis smoker. You gotta do what you gotta do! :smoke:
  5. I hear ya bro, too broke, and too many things to do. That is why I think I can justify a portable ac unit. 1 thing I did to help me out all around in temps, and humidity, cause these can be tricky in an attic, was to invest in an atmospheric controller. It turns theexhaust on, and off according to temp, or humidity. Got things a lot more stable in my environment. Instead of those swings with the outside temp.

    Atticks are tricky as fuck. if you can move to the basement do it. I just can't cause of too many visitors, and parents all the time. Attick is the safest option for me.

    Good luck man. No one thinks of us when they talk about global warming. The poor attick grower.
  6. Ya same shit here guys. Got a 1000 hps set up with a parabolic reflector. Damn with no ac blowing and just my 6 inch hydrofarm fan going it gets about 100 in the flower section. If I kick on the ac it will drop to about 85 that's just running the ac for about an hour. I haven't ran it all day yet waiting for a day I'm off work so I can check on it.
  7. No shit me and a buddy were talking bout how bad this warm weather is gonna be on the outdoors crops this year. Something to do with an excess of insects due to limited numbers of larvae dying off over the long cold winter months. Damn better go get some caulk and go crack hunting, don't want them damn things inside! :eek:
  8. ^^ Its a mini swamp cooler!

    Seriously, it works off the same principle as air movement across sweat. May not work as effectively with plants.

  9. Shit, well plants kinda sweet when they are too hot! lol
    Just playing, might as well just blow air myself when too hot
  10. That won't work very well. Gotta go at least like 10,000 btu portable unit.

    Hell yeah spacejerk gonna be a rough year outdoors for growing.
  11. Makes me doubly mad since this was to be my first year doing an outdoor grow, oh well got a reason for a new ac unit now :p
  12. I saw a Cold mist humidifier someplace recently. 2 birds 1 stone, at least for now.

    All else fails, if one of your rooms is usually cooler then the rest of the house, run a passive intake from that room to your grow. Damn near free and don't have to deal with neighbors asking why you have an AC unit in the attic
  13. Man I would still give it a try. Outdoor growing is always a battle of sorts. You have to deal with crazy weather, bugs, and rippers. If I were you I would still get some going for practice. Even though it sounds like you have some experience, outdoors is a whole new monster. It's not easy, and takes much dedication especially if you are going gorilla style, but it is amazing to watch them do their thing in the outdoors. They grow crazy fast, and large. I wish I could bring the sun indoors with me.
  14. Yeah I'm still gonna its just my kinda luck though. But like you said it should give me some killer practice with pest control
  15. Ifyou ask me there is not much luck in outdoor growing. Except for weather. Preperation, preperation, preperation is the name of the game. Most experienced outdoor growers start preparing in December. It takes serious dedication.

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