Battling Negative Energy

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  1. How do you guys do it?
    How do you not fall prey to negative energy?
  2. Compassion. I think its always key in relation to negative energy. I just try and sympathize with people, sure they are doing something that is having a negative impact on me, but why? There is always an underlying reason that is usually negative itself, which, most of the time I can relate to, thus sympathize with and find reason in it. For me the only negative energy that really agitates me is negativity I can't fathom, which causes a degree of frustration and anger. I work towards universal compassion, but its hard because I can be a complete douche bag when I'm not being conscientious.
  3. knowing i got more important things in my life to look out for..

    it lets me disregard the small shit that would piss me off before and get me into trouble.
  4. We can avoid negative energy by simply not letting any cause make an effect negatively on our emotions. What brings negative energy into ourselves? If you find that most of it is from daily life (maybe college, annoyance of friends, etc) then you are experience normal stresses that everyone experiences world wide.

    These negative emotions are mainly caused by our advanced minds affecting another advance mind in some form. Understanding that we create this negative energy, will allow you to not let any of it affect you.

    hmmm, that might have been worded very confusing.

  5. exactly.....

    If you dont let it bother you then it cant....

    its all about perspective. If you simply look at it from a different point of view you may find a way to turn that negative energy around into something positive.

    its all in how you decide to look at it
  6. Does anyone think it's possible to experience a physical manifestation of negative energy? I think I may have been in a house that was 'possessed' around the mantle and fireplace. You could feel it, it was literally terrifying for me to walk by it and I had to walk around the house (not outside). Many things fell off the mantle, things that don't make sense, and were broken. Even the dogs avoided it.

    My dad's now 3rd wife is a yoga/speech therapist, and has many yogi/spiritual friends, they performed a seance of sorts in a holistic manner, and it was gone. Do you think it was real?
  7. As you know, negative energy is present wherever you may be, physically and mentally. Blocking it out can prove to be quite difficult, but I have found that acknowledging its presence and attempting to convert the negativity into positivity within myself greatly helps. I feel that when I combat this negative energy within myself, I release it as positive vibes. There is no way of completely shutting it out, and undoubtedly, everybody is susceptible to falling under its spell. Though, don't embrace it and make sure you don't let it interfere with your ego. Hopefully that made some sort of sense. :)
  8. Think happy thoughts
  9. Whenever I am faced with negative energy there is always a calm, wise voice in the back of my head smiling and laughing.
  10. And you'll find magick there where the rainbow ends? visible spectrum

    hmm I feel you, man. Not always but often I can let it blow through and convert it as I like... However negative energy can come from many places and sometimes it gets the jump.

    Attrition works too. That's a neat way to go. Watch it and see how it circulates and mutates on its own.

    Empathizing with the energy itself works also. Catch it off guard.
  11. I think being in this society where we're surrounded with negative energy 24 hours a day it can be sooo hard to break that negative energy.

    Alot of times what helps for me is to go outside. Turn off the tv, computer, cellphone etc and just sit in my backyard or somewhere beautiful. I feel very unplugged from the world and I feel comfortable and self-sustainable. Like I don't need to reciprocate whatever negative energies are trying to manifest. I feel very connected..but like to my spiritual side and the general Oneness of everything rather than whatever negative stereotypical crap my television is spewing at me.

    It helps me realize how beautiful everything is.
  12. It's one of the hardest things to possibly do.

    Hard to believe that simple thoughts can actually effect our body as a whole, literally destroying ourselves slowly little by little.

    Usually music is the only thing that can help me.
  13. Very good quote.

    Have a think about this.

    There is no such thing as negative energy. :smoking:

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