Battling Demons

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  1. I feel the closer I get to achieving my goals, these demons run through my mind and my soul.

    I feel great darkness creeping near, At first I panic then say what's there to fear?

    Will God forgive me if I ask? Will God forgive me if I try? Will God forgive me if I wish to die?

    I feel like less of a man, would you even understand?

    I feel like helping the world, but I'm to God damn tired. I feel like this is hell and we're all for hire....

    Just a quick song wrote when I was stoned yesterday. I've been in a real rutt lately. I really feel like I need to apply myself more and stop giving into worldly desires.

    Anywho if you like it drop a line, if you hate it... hell drop a line.

    Stay Safe,
  2. You're not alone.
  3. Would recommend looking into meditation and esoteric philosophy..if nothing more than to complement your current spirituality. Perhaps a more experiential rather than conceptual knowledge of divinity and the workings of the universe will help you more than conceptual spirituality can.
  4. I have to say that was a really true feeling I used to have. However, I have to give you major props for being able to create a full representation of such a complex set of emotions. (I lit up a few moments ago) *so forgive if this is not as clear as I would like*

    The visualization of a dark figure leering behind is extremely powerful representation. Just thinking about it is very intense. If I may interpret, the acceptance of the dark feelings is a mixture of an inner relief as well as an outer encounter. As we are only human, it is forgivable, and even expected that when we are presented with multiple choices , that we pick the easiest. But how do we know if we making the choice that would present us with the most opportune solution for a longer or more beneficial time period?

    I'm far from saying I am right, or that I even could imagine your real intent with that prose. Regardless, I looked at myself a little different tonight through what I saw in your prose.


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