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  1. does anyone have this game for steam? I want to get it. I have it on the xbox, but i just don't like playing that with a controller it feels weird. If anyone has both the Steam version and the xbox version and can do some sort of comparison that would be great but any input is great.

    do you think its worth it to buy BC2 for pc
  2. just play battlefieldplay4free. Much better.
  3. On PC you can aim much better and accurately, but you need a decent system to play it. With a controller, you need a high sensitivity to aim quick, but that makes slower, more accurate aiming more difficult. With a mouse, you are only limited by how fast or slow you can move your hand. Its basically the same game otherwise. Make sure you meet the requirements, tough! You cant return PC games.
  4. You can sometimes get a hold of steam and actually have them refund you in steam currency and re purchase a game of theirs if you didn't like it
  5. Ok, Ive never played it on XBOX, but!! I have 2 close friends that have that game on xbox, but they rather play it on PC (steam)
  6. You have to remember that the Bad Company franchise was optimized for console play. So you will probably notice some problems and annoyances while gaming on PC. It will depend on your system. The worse the system, the more the problems you'll encounter due to it not being optimized for a PC.

    As for just personal experience. I only play FPS games on PC because it generally yields better performance. I once played the original Bad Company for PS3 and couldn't stand it. Something about aiming with joysticks just felt weird after so many years of a mouse and WASD.

  7. Yes.

    Once you play the PC version you will never go back.

    There is a hell of a difference.
  8. Yeah I was a console gamer at one point... till I was pointed by my friend towards the light

  9. Buy it now on Steam. It's $7 right now!!
  10. In that case, get it AND vietnam asap.
  11. I'm thinking of picking up the Vietnam Pack today as it's only $7.50 is it worth it?

  12. Yes.

    For $7.50 its worth it.
  13. Cool. I'll probably pick it up tonight then. I could use some new maps anyway. :D

  14. it's a cool expansion, they have only added one map since release..but it's fun to get on every once and a while imo
  15. I got the Specact kit for $3... LOL

    And yeah, vietnam is pretty awesome too!!
  16. I boght BC2 (no steam) . It worked for maybe 2 months . Now probley a year later i can still not get it working , always says cannot connect to game server . yes i have beast computer and great internet and have contacted EA with no luck . screw them . But thats my problem if it works its a great game! :D . Battlefield Play4free is awsome also check it out!
  17. It sounds like you might have a firewall blocking it.
  18. I feel for you man. My friend who bought it recently has the same issue. He cannot connect to EA servers. When we looked up the error, there were at least 20 different solutions, yet none of them worked and if they did, it wasn't for long.

    Hopefully yours is as simple as a firewall issue or a port forwarding problem
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    If you want to test it out, there's a free browser game version available at the moment - Battlefield Play4Free. Obviously a bit grindy, but considering it's free it's really not that bad!

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