Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? Which do you prefer?

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  1. personally i think battlefield 3 will kill it. :p
  2. both games are expected to come out in the end of the year.
    with battlefield 3 with engine version 2.0
  3. I'll let you know which one I prefer after I've played them. Right now I don't know enough about modern warfare 3 to make a guess as to which would be better. Both are going to kick ass though I'm sure.
  4. It's funny that you have the hungry option I was just thinking that before I came in the thread
  5. Battlefield 3, no question about it.
  6. MW3 all day.Been waiting for it since blacks ops came out wasnt giving in on black ops bs so i didnt buy.MW3 is gonna b insane although BF3 seems cool.
  7. BF3. New engine and everything, 64 players on PC, etc.

    MW3 will just be the same shit over again, COD blows now.

    COD2 and COD4 were good, now the series is just stretched out to make money off of idiots who buy the same game with different skins and a new name. :smoke:
  8. this holiday season will be the death of call of duty
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  10. Modern warfare 3 is just gonna be the same COD game they've been making for years now with slightly different weapons.

    Battlefield 3 is going to blow MW3 out of the water. I can say this with confidence, even though neither game is out yet :D
  11. Battlefield 3 without a doubt. Hopefully they allow some modding and more customization server wise on PC this time around though.
  12. I'm going to say BF3. Last CoD I enjoyed was Cod4. The last 3 installments didn't impress me at all.

    However, if CoD can get their shit together and stop making extremely noob friendly run and guns, it might be worth buying. I won't be holding my breath though. That being said though, even if they do succeed, I'm still giving the prize to BF3.
  13. I'll be getting both. Battlefield will kill it though, no doubt.
  14. Battlefield 2 is still up to date the most fun I ever had playing an online FPS...simple as that. Battlefield 3 will fucking rock.

    PS: I just updated my PC to rock BF3 too...:)

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