Battlefield 3 or 1943??

Discussion in 'General' started by Infamous_Rum, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Which should I get battlefield 3 for $20 or battlefield 1943 for $10? I'm just want a battlefield game to play while I smoke :-D
  2. Dude wait a month and get battlefield 4!!

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  3. I'm not looking for a game to spend 60 on I'm only going to play once in awhile
  4. then I would say BF3 you get a story, some coop(not really that fun though), and you get bf3 which has unlocks and leveling up means something. In 1943 it's the same 3 maps and classes with no variety. Although I loved 1943 I would have to say BF3 will get your monies worth. 
  5. too bad with bf3 he will be playing with a tiny play population since everyone already has the 4 DLC packs which are not included in the 20$ edition of bf3. And the story mode is ass so its not even worth playing
  6. Yeah but compared to 1943's servers and at least having the option to play SP lol. There are still a decent amount of servers with base maps though. 
  7. 1943 is not really that much of a game content wise, i would go with 3
  8. I'm not a big enough gamer to care about all of that.
  9. then go get some BF3 mangggggggg
  10. Galaga.
    Pew! pew! pew!
  11. Battlefield 1942 is free on PC I think
  12. They both are fun but bf3 will keep you hooked much longer.
  13. lol I hate galaga so much cuz I suck at it. I do fine til the suicide bombers come out.
  14. 1943 if you want fun man! its awesome, campaigns can be a bit draining
  15. How??
  16. I have played some 1943 on my buddies pc it was pretty fun but I like console games. So really what I'm asking is which should I buy for playing on my ps3?
  17. This age thing has people tripping :D I was talking about the game :)

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