Battlefield 2 [PC]

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by RavenousDank, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. who here enjoys playing? for those who played the console version, they suck ass. its got completely different maps, and the medic class

    right now i'm trying to get my special forces expansion pack to install, but its being a pain..

    for me its all about strike at kirkland, and Warlord

    my name is RavenousDank
  2. I have BF2 but uninstalled a long time ago. I recently bought BF2142 and it's pretty fun.

    I play as xtravaganja .
  3. I used to play BF1942 all the time, BF2 rocked, but my pc cant run those kinda games anymore, sucks, it was fun as heck playing online.

  4. Im down to play

    My name is dirtyfitz
  5. Im a big fan of BF2 but I havent played in a while bc my pc is down

    My name is mushroomsatsujin

    This is the game that gave me this name
  6. "Last played on 2007-11-06", I really need to play again, espcially since I have it hooked up to my tv now.
  7. i used to have BF2. Than i uninstalled it. Im about to get back on that

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