*BATTLE TOURNY* R y a n, JDilla, Marijuana Time, and Sparkin

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  1. damn everyone brought some heat.
    my votes go to
    JDilla and Sparkin

    props to ryan and maryjtime tho
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    It's not even worth voting anymore it's pretty clear. Glad I have one fan tho:smoke:

    Edit: Just so everyone knows. Trephination: the surgical procedure in which a hole is drilled in the skull and a circular piece of bone removed. Should have made my verse more logical but oh well
  3. yup..
    +1 Sparkin & J Dilla
  4. so is voting over? lol
  5. Essentially yes, but I'm gonna let it ride til tomorrow since none of the others are even up yet, because submissions stop tomorrow night.
  6. respect to all. not a great verse i guess haha :p That's alright, at least I showed up. Still enjoyed doing it.
  7. I thought I was in the clear after the first vote lol. Oh well. Gl dilla and sparkin
  8. landslide victory sparkin, other vote to marijuana time

  9. Word. I as well have to go with jdilla and sparkin. I thought sparkin clearly has experience, idk i can just tell by the way he constructs his rhyme scheme.
    J'dilla had nice energy, and some creative punchlines.

    I didn't like marijuana time because to me it seemed as if he just threw a bunch of "ation" words to make it seem like he was a multi king.
    Not trying to drink the haterade, just my opinion. :cool:
  10. Tally right now is...

    JDilla - 10
    Sparkin - 9
    Marijuana Time - 2
    R y a n - 0
  11. gotta concur with that shit, Jdilla's rhyme scheme was sick, and that last two bars were beastly, but personally i thought marijuana's overall flow, imagery and bar development made for a great read so....

    v/Jdilla & Marijuana Time
  12. I was just trying to get creative with it, but I see where your coming from

  13. I can see where you're coming from as well. Maybe I didn't read it as observantly as most.
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    I say Marijuana Time is tha winna!! Just for the incredibly impressive use of a word I've never heard before....And it's a surgical tool for a medical procedure I'm familiar wit [not sure that will make much sense to any, but...]

    trephine [trĕ-f€īn´, trĕ-fēn´]
    1. a saw for removing a disk of bone, chiefly from the skull.
    2. an instrument for removing a circular area of cornea.
    3. to remove with this instrument.



  15. these problems in my mind stay grindin all the time,i swear to god they work a 9 to 5
    this life shit for me aint easy,i find it steady harder to stay alive,
    lookin back on all the shit thats happened with no aliby,seein my father behind bars,yeah it makes me cry,but i numb it all away,just say good bye,a life full of lows so i try to stay high,if ima be punished for this well god throw me in the pit,and let me fry,
    this is just another soldier of the struggle tryna testify testify

    cold rooms with no heater,me my pyrex,and my egg beater,visualizin crusin wit my broad in the 2 seater,truth be told i wonder if ill ever meet her,i see myself barely holdin on,i see my life teater,one life to live with no leader,just a hustlers ambition,a block bleeder,i really miss my mom,been 6 years since i seen her,i was only 5 when i saw that bitch beat her,i swear to god ill kill em wit a meat cleaver,im a white boy,but no leave it to beaver,this stress burns me up like some ether,my heart runnin a steady fever

    this pain got my heart tore,i dont know if i can take much more,
    i see my road leads on,but still see an escape door,leadi to the next floor
    Im at battle with my mind,yeah im goin to war,
    just on the search for some more liquer to pour,tryna get my spirits to soar
    dont know if in my soul happiness can be stored,it seems emptiness is all it adores,
    but still i keep my head up,and grind for more,because my minds been set,ima win this war...

  16. not tryin to be a dick but there are plenty of other rap battle threads you could've posted this in. More people would read this there esp since this thread is over
  17. This is closed now, only voting currently open is hippo/gza/smiling/foreman

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