Battle to the Death

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  1. Pac Man vs. Kirby

  2. PAC man all day everyday!

    Stalin vs hitler, fist fight?
  3. Stalin. Hitler looks like he can't fight at all lol.
    Bill Gates
    Steve Jobs
  4. jobs no doubt..
    heaven or hell ?
  5. Heaven

    Bert vs Ernie??
  6. Bert. Ernie is his
    Ms piggie vs kirmi

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  7. matt damon vs matthew mcconaughey
  8. We all know ms piggie wears the pants XD.

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  9. Kangaroo

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke??
  10. Deadpool. He is the shiiiiiit.
    Fantastic Four vs

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  11. Sour diesel or super silver haze? the real genetics not some shit a dealers trying to pass off to make some cash 
  12. Sour diesel

    The joker vs Harvey Dent??
  13. Dent would kill the joker without hesitation, That is two-face i mean. 
    Samus (no suit) vs lara croft  
  14. Lara croft... Biggie or tupac bare knuckle

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  15. Joker would destroy Two-Face are you kidding me?!?! Joker has so many tricks what's Two-Face got a coin and a gun. The Flash vs Batman. IMO Flash

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  16. Flash on crack.

    Oprah vs. Shawn white

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    I disagree, unless it was the first time they met. I'd say shawn white, air guitaring the anthem with medals.
    Uh- Wing zero gundam vs 00 gundam....Riser if you must.
  18. kid buu vs. broly
  19. kid buu...could you imagine if buu absorbed broly. 
    bumblebee (Transformers) vs  mater (Cars)
  20. Bumble bee for sure, especially the Camaro version (the beetle version, I'm not so sure lol) 
    Sephiroth vs. Dante from Devil May Cry (whichever one you wish)

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