Battle to the Death

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  1. Luigi.

    Joe Pesci vs Al Capone?
  2. Al Capone

    Cartman vs Stewie from family guy??
  3. Cosmo and Wonda for sure!!

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  4. Stewie, his agility would over-run Cartmans fatness.

    Floyd-mayweather vs amir Kahn?

    I know the obvious awnser just want a second opinion as they could be fighting next year.
  5. Unless somebody can find a hole in his defense, Mayweather can't lose XD . As much as I hate to say it.
  6. Goku vs Superman !!!!!
    I vote Goku XD


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  7. superman....his power isn't limited. goku's power is.
    natsu (fairy tail) vs archer (fate/stay night)
  8. Goku overcomes every obstacle dude. That would be an awesome fight.
    Natsu for surr

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  9. If Goku and Bruce Lee were both invited to fight to the death with one year to train. Who would win?
  10. goku, kid was moving mountains at 5. Bruce lee vs jet li is a different matter.
  11. dr robotnik vs inspector gadget
  12. Inspector gadget

    Sonic vs knuckles
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    Knuckles imo
    Obama vs Michael Jordan?
  14. Teletubbie vs a turd sandwich

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  15. turd sandwich!
    pablo escabar (spelling?) vs al capone
  16. Bruce Lee vs Jet Li ? You guys nuts ? Bruce will destroy Jet
  17. Telletubies (all 4)
    Barney .
    Battle of pedophiles !!!

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    Tellatubies, who knows what those mothefuckers are capable ofPenis vs VaginaGen4
  19. Everybody knows vagina conquers all XDD

  20. A coward vs 2 cowards

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