Battle of words in the War on Drugs

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  1. Battle of words in the War on Drugs

    Ron Allen probably thinks Alice Huffman has been smoking something.
    Huffman, president of the California Conference of the NAACP, recently declared support for an initiative that, if passed by voters in November, will decriminalize the use and possession of marijuana. Huffman sees it as a civil rights issue.
    In response, Bishop Allen, founder of a religious social activism group called the International Faith-Based Coalition, has come out swinging. “Why would the state NAACP advocate for blacks to stay high?” he demanded last week at a news conference in Sacramento. “It's going to cause crime to go up. There will be more drug babies.” Allen wants Huffman to resign.

  2. Good stuff... I'm getting more and more hopeful as November gets closer. News is starting to really pick up with stories about cannabis and the drug war.
  3. I wonder if those in the religious community who are always piping up remember the thing about separation of church and state. Religious leaders shouldn't try to force their views on everyone else. 'Nuff said.
  4. But those religious leaders want to invoke their beliefs on the rest of the world.......for our own good (they say). They feel they are doing God's work. Spread the word I say, but don't shove it down others' throats.
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    I fought in VN in 1968 for everyones freedom to speak their beliefs,or at least that was how it was interpreted to me at the time. I also fought for everyones right to laugh at anyone's opinion,repute and give rebuttal to anyone's opinion and the internet allows us to do it instantly.
    I have problems with the religious hypocrisy of love your fellow man by locking people up in prison. I have problems with religious leaders that speak of "God's" supporting the prohibition of any of "Gods" plants.
    The Old Testament has a verse that proclaims "God" gave all seed bearing plants to man to use as food. It is not an anecdotal passage,but an out right proclamation from God. How can any true Christian then support prohibition of any such plant?
  6. It amazes me how many groups out their trying to influence what people do and not to do.
    I'm pretty sure most of these groups ignore anything that may make their warped ideologies look bad, even if it is from their holy book.
  7. Good article, but even in this one there is a good example of the misinformation that circulates about marijuana:

    "Allen worries about a baby being born addicted to pot, but the likelier scenario is that..."

    First off, most of us know that marijuana is non-addictive, but can be habit forming. Modern science certainly regards this as a fact. So, how exactly is a baby born into a habit? Are Korean babies born with 10 hour a day Starcraft habits? Do the children of professional athletes get born with intense sports/workout habits? How do I make sure my future children are born with severe investment banking habits?

    The answer, my friends, is that all of the above are as realistic as having dinner with the Easter bunny. A baby can not be born addicted to pot, since pot isn't addictive. The baby would have to have several years of down time with a xbox and a bong inside the womb to be born with a pot habit.
  8. It is a proven fact that if a couple make a baby when both are high on pot that their child will be born naked. We must stop this sinful occurance from ever happening.
  9. A bit off the topic but I just wanted to say thank you for risking life and limb so I can be free.:wave:

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