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  1. K these are the rules:

    1 Round

    10 - 15 Lines Each

    5 Votes

  2. they're has to be a posting timeline too inwich the person only has a day or something to reply, thats what battles are about....writtens are easy...
  3. PuFFPuFFPaSS get off your ass and holla when I flash these dollas ya feal me? I rip shit Like no otha, Work you in a frenzy make you studda, Your boys are nothing , boy on boy fucking , one ducking. Fake Thugs Like Vanilla Ice , Step back think twice , ill squash you like Mice , Aren't I nice? Lace you with Lead , From Toes to head, How you Gonna talk shit when your dead? Rest In Peace I say now you'll never see the light of another day. Maybe You were Big Shit in the past But obviously that didn't last.
  4. well someone has to first call me out then we battle, dun worry bout time because it will be done on the same day bruv so dun sweet it.
  5. Puff Puff Pass, stop fuckin up da rotation,
    little premature freak mo intrested in masterbation,
    u gotta tink bout abbreviation,
    Ya rhymes are lame they sound all the same,
    mine ignight widda flame,
    whilst yours are goin down da drain,
    that ain't a shame that's jus part of the game,
    check dis venemous shit,
    all cummmin legite u lil wack prick,
    u make us MC's sick,
    so hush and sit,
    cause if ya not flowin,
    ya definetly going.
  6. boss it says you edited the post bro, cant be rewinding if you mess up in a freestyle lol, so that means you choked
  7. ^^^ hush ya mouth, this ain't got nuttin to do wid u fool.
  8. Aiight lets vote guys, XxJWxX is not allowed to, but everyone else is kool.
  9. ^^^ no ya not spittin

    we gotta vote for this first dude.
  10. you all have to tone up your flows, stop trying to use half ass ghramer and you some intelectual style.....big vocabulary's win the game..... not shallow diss'es....
  11. any main stream rapper has a larger vocab...... it's how you rock the mic right...propa free styles..... ya better listen to some of your favorite lyrics a lil more carefully....
  12. Yo gravy, chill out let us jus have some fun dude, we ain't mainstream i only started spittin bout 6months ago so, and i gotta nu flow to the rest of you guys n e ways as i'm a Uk Garage Mc, jus seeing how the rest of these guys spit you either spittin or you shouldn't b postin, n e ways where the votes for the winner for this.
  13. 1st of all commercial rappers fucking suck these days , I could probably battle them and beat them. 2nd of all when your battling you can't just think of huge words to ryme with because you have to keep the flow while just spittin what ever comes to your head
  14. I have an Alliance with the streets, It respects me 'cause I rip up these beats, while keepin it real, Gravy Doesn't like my flow whats the deal? These aint lyrics Rookie , we ain't trying to be like Mase, we spit raw kill for nothing like ScarFace. Shade420 Likes Vanilla Ice? Enough Said jesus christ, WeedBoss says he can spit even though he knows he sounds like MC lite when he steps up the mic. So whats the Dilly yo? Bring some more Competition next time bro.

  15. totally... im not trying to give anyone a hard time, im just trying to prove a point.... vocab is what the rap games either sound intellegent, or just have some rerallllly smooth flows and the pronuceation so everyone can understand it...

    was just addin my two cents...,,, succa.... haha j/k

  16. lol..

  17. and ohh yea... im not saying i don't like anyone's stuff.... im just sayin... there's only one way to get better.... an thats to keep goin....

    cause its just like slug says

    'Been paying dues for a decade plus
    Before that I was just another face on the bus
    Tappin my foot, to the beat on the radio
    Dreaming bout the mic and the money and the ladies'
  18. I think it's good if it can be clever, and smooth. Both elements are im0portant, but if you can use both elements in an effective way, then you're doing even better.
  19. Its great to have a good vocabulary, but you need to know how to use it. Insult your opponent. Make fun of his rymes and stuff. In the meen time. Get high and relax and think of shit to say. puff puff pass had some ok stuff. weedboss had some stuff I liked in the bigining. 420shade as some good rymes. I want to know whats going to be said in the next battle.

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