Battle Contest w/ prize?

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  1. I've been reading the freestyle thread, and there's a lot of you with a lot of talent. And it gets A LOT of attention, so I was wondering if the people in the thread would be interested in a contest?

    I would find an instrumental of some sort, and post it. I'd then give everyone a couple days to come back with their best 16 bars.

    and at the end of it, I would post up another poll and the users of the forum could ultimately decide who wins.

    Winner would get bronze [maybe silver?] membership. I would personally go line by line to make sure that each one is legitimate. [obviously you can make references, but I don't want people stealing full lines]. and i'm sure a lot of you would even recognize if someone stole a line, since you're all pros :)

    what do ya'll think? and please, even if you don't want to do it, vote if you think it would be a good idea or not in the long run.
  2. I think i voted too soon...You talking a recording battle or a written battle? Im down for the writtan.

  3. written, but a pre-recorded beat just so we can get a common flow.

    EDIT: now that i think about it, i'll probably pick a couple beats and let ya'll choose. since everyone likes a diff type of rap. but idk, that might be too much work. we'll see though [if i get interests]
  4. Yeah im down for it, idk tho. I dont really think wed need a beat, texts are about punchlines, who ever comes sharpest would win.
  5. count me in. i think if we get a couple days to write it up, though-- we should extend it to 32 bars

  6. ya i'd give yall a couple days to write it. how about 16 bars + a chorus? i think 32 would be a bit much
  7. yeah, good call man. chorus ftw.

    by the way, we gotta establish what the subject matter's gonna be. since you'd pretty much have to pair up contestants against eachother for it to be a battle, i think it'd be pretty damn fun if you could pick any subject or theme to write about.

    it might make judging a little more difficult, but hey-- it opens up the floor to a whole lot more creativity.
  8. thats what ive been tryin to say for a while, we battle over a predetermined beat

    count me in
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Reed Dollaz[/ame]

    There's mine. I recorded it and everything.
  10. so we gonna do this like a bracket or something with rounds? first we gotta see how many people we got for this. Rounds sound like fun. But yeah sounds like a great idea
  11. show me how someone could do that if i picked the beats, i picked the subject matter, and i went through every entry to make sure that lines weren't stolen? if you have something constructive to say, please do. but don't clog up the thread with useless shit.

    obviously there's going to be people who try to cheat, but there's still many people who post every single day in the battle thread battling everyone.
  12. Sounds like someone's a little jealous?
  13. hes rappin about philly, but youre from CA, seems kinda fishy to me
  14. Like your talking about making a song? I thought this would be a battle, not a who has wrote the best song contest. So you wanna do like a topical battle?
  15. thats why i originally said 16 bars should be more than enough in my opinion
  16. Maybe its the pills but im a little lost here. So are we doing a topical or just a straight punch battle? Maybe a horrorcore?
  17. yooo let me get in on this shit to
  18. yeah, whether it's topical or battle-style i'm in. but thing is, if it's a battle... we gotta be paired up so we know who we're dissing-- and even then, the punchlines aren't really gonna be personalized, which is meh. you need a history of text-battling with someone before you can start personalizing punches
  19. Not true.

    Just gotta be a good rapper.

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