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Battery powered grow light?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by newgrower12, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Is there a light that is battery powered that I can use to grow in my closet with? I need something that is battery powered or rechargeable that I can get from some place like walmart. Is there such thing?
  2. you'll go broke in buying batteries if there is.

    you need at least 12 hours of light.
  3. The light were using now uses 3 AAA batteries and lasts for 4 14 hour sessions before it dies. Were not sure the light is strong enough though...

  4. That light probably sucks. Growing MJ takes some wattage.

    Battery powered lights dont really exist for grow lights...to much juice.

    Solution...extension cord.
  5. Why do you need a light that uses batteries? Don't you have access to a plug? If your concerned about space or high electricty use you should check out the micro grow forum.

    I don't think that their is such a thing as you are asking about. Other than maybe one of those portable closet light bulb things that you could use a cfl with but that would use tons of batteries and the yield would be dismall. Like you would probably spend way more in batteries than you would ever get from the plant.

    Hope it helps not trying to be rude or anything just want to help steer you right.
  6. Well the whole reason for battery powered was because of his mom but we worked out that we can use a desk lamp (uses 2 1 1/2 feet long bulbs, don't know wattage) and plug it in around 6 in the afternoon, then run overnight until 8 am and unplug and hide the light. What is the best light cycle for just sprouting plants? Can you please also give me the light cycles for best veg and flowering? Also what is the minimum wattage I can use?
  7. It sounds like you guys might want to rethink everything if your trying to do this in a closet against the will of the homeowner with a desk lamp.:eek: There is alot of down side and I can assure you that unless you get some quality lights and bulbs your not going to get anything near worth the risk you are taking. That being said I take it your going to do what your going to do so if you are really serious about it spend some time browsing the micro grow forum.
  8. Agree with the above...your asking for fail. Read the stickies on top of the forums and google MJ grow guides.
  9. Ok well thanks guys. Ill take a look at the guilds but I have a few questions, how many watts should I use of lighting per plant? Can I use a regular bulb or will LED or other types work better? What is the best light cycle for veg and flowering? Should I use the same lighting cycle for just sprouting plants as regular ones?

  10. Reg bulbs no...give off light but no grow spectrum. There are 2 kinds of CFls they sell at Home Depot lowes, Walmart. One is 6500k called Daylight bulbs, other is 2700k Softwhite. Daylight for vegging, softwhite for flowering.

    Veging you can do 24/7 lights, flowering has to be 12/12. No 12/12 no flowering..no bud. Unless you have a autoflower which flowers on its own.

    Rule of thumb tends to be 100watts for 1st plant, 50 for each additional..more is better.
  11. I bet it is feasible with a only LED grow.

    But only for a day at most.

    Shit, i wonder if you could do a solar powered LED grow....theres those new LEDs in development too that are like 100x brighter.

    Man, growing weed in the future is gonna be sick.
  12. For the CFLs do I still need the 200 watts for 3 plants and if so how can i set it up?

  13. Dude read and look at the grow journals. Its easy. You take a light plug it into a clamp or socket put it near the plant..easy.
  14. how seriously have you thought about this? first of all you're worried about your mother finding your lighting... if you do not have a 120% secure place to grow, dont attempt it (this goes for outdoors as well). Second, is if you did manage to get a plant flowering without your parents noticing, you will possibly have to contend with smell.. granted, there are some strains that have little/no smell, but if you are not willing to invest in a proper grow setup, chances are that you are not going to invest in proper ventilation and odor control. by the sound of it you are under the age of 18 and have no business being on this site... i have no problem with teenagers smoking MJ, as i personally started smoking it at the age of 12, but the rules on this forum are absolute and should not be broken...
  15. Trying to grow under your or someone else's parents' nose without their knowledge and consent is a bad idea. You will get caught, you put them at huge risk, you almost certainly will need to cut so many corners that you won't get a yield worth the effort, and mods will shut down your threads here at GC. :cool:
  16. It's a challenge...but! you can get cfl's that run on 12vdc, and powered by a car battery may go for 12 hours or so, before needing a recharge, depending on how may cfl's you got running, but man the guys are right, you don't want mom noseying around...rethink you op.

    good luck

  17. Everyone in this thread is right, you need to pull the plug on that grow. A quick look at the risk vs. reward will tell you that its simply not worth the time. You put yourself, your friend, and your / their parents in huge jeopardy by doing this. I can guarantee you with the utmost certainty that you will produce very little bud, if any.

    Seriously man, dont bother growing unless you have a secure place. Plus you guys clearly haven't thought through the entire grow process; how will you deal with the smell? Where will you cure? How will you flush out your pots? Just dont do it man it isnt worth it.
  18. screw these haters. Try the cfls, buy some crappy grow lights at wal-marts that has batteries.

    grow over 99 plants.

    When the feds bust in, blame it on your parents and get away with the profit.

    You can do it, start young and go strong!
  19. Lol guys...read up and try again...don't grow if your not gonna do t properly.

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