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  1. I was going to grow using my nice MARS 4800 and planned on starting a full Bato/Dutch Bucket grow for four plants in a ~4x4 space, but I realized that I started two autos and two photosensitive plants. Because the differences in light requirements, I will postpone the full bato grow and instead (kinda) evaluate a couple different grow systems.

    I've already germinated the seeds using the hydrogen peroxide method and they've all sprouted using the aero method I've developed. Together, these starting methods are fool proof.

    The regular seeds are White Fire OG and Charlotte's Dream CBD (obtained from Grower's Choice). The autos I started include Three Bears x Samsquanch (from Mephisto's) and Trojan's Gift (my own).

    The seeds I started were germinated on Oct 25th during an Eclipse in Scorpio. They hatched on the 27th and were immediately transferred to sponges and placed in the aero system.

    All the seeds sprouted by Oct 30th.

    Nov 1 2022.JPG
    This is how they looked on Nov 1st.

    Nov 4 2022.JPG
    And this is how they looked on Nov 5 (photo taken five minutes ago).
    I can see some problems starting with the White Fire OG, and its well past the time to transplant...
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  2. I've managed to build the bato system (aka. dutch buckets), but I need to add some finishing touches.
    I initially had to build a shelf to hold the buckets. I should have used black buckets, and because I didn't, I will have to cover these pails in light blocking materials (tomorrow?) or I will have an algae problem.
    The water is pumped from the reservoir for 15 minutes each hour. There are no dedicated feeders, just the water lines that are held by a small hole in the lid. The contents of the pail are just perlite in a paint-filter bag. I've already cleaned the perlite.
    The reservoir is just a $10 tote (47L) that I drilled three holes in the lid; one hole for the 3/4" return pipe, one hole for the water pump feeder line (which is attached to a manifold .. whatever), and one hole for the air stone air line and the water pump plug. I will probably plug up that hole (tomorrow?) Notice that the water pump line (OUT) has a coupler (it not attached in the picture) so that I can break the line if I have to remove the lid.
    I've also added a break for the air line. Makes things easier when I check the reservoir.

    Now I haven't transplanted the seedlings yet. I plan to place the regular photosensitive plants (ie. WhiteFireOG & Charlotte's Dream) in the Bato system. I just wanted to run the system overnight to let the pH stabilize and deal with any problems if they arise.

    For those interested in more information regarding Bato / Dutch Buckets, I would suggest watching "Dutch Bucket Hydroponics - How It Works & How to Make Your Own Buckets".

    I'll describe the other system tomorrow. For now its time to zzz-_-
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  3. samqanch! baahhaa!

    how do you refill the rez? through the hole with the 2 small lines are? I'm sure you empty it with the pump. and wondering how you ph? long meter? lol.
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  4. Very interesting Mate, as someone who currently (and not by choice) ended up with 2 autos and 2 photos in the same tent this cycle, its been, perhaps not challenging, but occasionally annoying for sure dealing with the different light and nute requirements for plants over a month apart on their schedules. (not to mention all my mass to nutes calculations are derived for photo plants, so been a lot of on the spot bro science going on this time)

    I was traveling when they stretched, and by the time I returned I just bent one over at a 90 and tied her down, the other one I topped to see if I could run it like my photos.

    Curious to see how someone at your skill level runs a multi-ring circus like that. I'll be by to check it out!
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  5. Loving this little set up dude. Do you use the big chunky perlite or the finer stuff?
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  6. [​IMG]
    the advantage of germing like this, is the tails stay straight later
    at potup, an yeah you get to ID too..
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  7. That's why I highlighted the coupling adapters (!) I just pull the lines apart (and the drop tube) and remove the lid. I use a long wire to hang the meters off.
    The biggest problem doing it this way is Mr.Stoner could forget to hook the pump line back up...
    easy, I have separate tents :D yes miser, you are very welcome here ;)
    I think its the finer stuff, I'll take a pic of the bag when I go back down there (a lil later)
    oh yes, I need to be able to ID as one plant (Charlottes Dream) is a high CBD strain. I also like the dime bags :D Have you tried the 1% H2O2 method? It rocks :D
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  8. I used to add a tsp of bleach to the pint germing water in the early days due to damping off conditions, did it for years a paper on germing hard to germ plants, they say to avoid unless you suspect fungi, \due to upsetting the Ph during the sensitive imbibing, I'd recommend any newbies to add bleach or peroxide

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  9. Dang man,fuck yeah. Growers Choice was the first place I ever ordered seeds from. I had great luck with em. The White Fire OG looks thunderous. Im sure youll grow it well.
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  10. ok.. checked the pH this morning and it was 6.9. I'm happy I ran it overnight to equilibrate.

    couple details for others:
    This is the manifold I will be using for the feeder lines. It has a built in screen to clean out once in a while.
    This is White Fire OG I pulled out from the aero system. I pressed the plant out towards the bottom to free it up from the basket. You can see I cut the baskets earlier on. Side note: it was a PITA to transplant these seedlings. OMG!

    little bit of effort went towards light proofing the system (thank you to my wife).

    The light was increased to ~25K lux where the canopy is. Hope its not too much. I think I need another 4" inline fan... we'll see.

    @Misanthropevet I've not ever done a Bato grow before bro, but I have done the other type of system ... which I will get to tomorrow...
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  11. ok Good to know and fingers crossed! I actually wanted the Charlotte's Dream from them (18% CBD) but u know, while I was there, I ordered the BB#3, white fire, and a strain called Brain Damage. I'll get to BB#3 and BD a lil later, next year? whichever. I need some quick turn-around as I'm starting to run low, so the autos will have to do.
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  12. been a struggle but finally fiigured out was my for shit germ technique that wasn't wrking..wasn't the i'm underway wit outlaw amnesia, ultimate, and a single auto..on deck are bubblegum and amnesia haze..they're freebies dated '02 and '08 so idk DSCN4517.JPG
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  13. @trojangrower

    For your smaller lines are you just using 1/4 inch push to connect water line parts like for sink RO system or fridge ice maker?

    I've got more 5 gallon buckets with lids than I care to count, and a few 25-75 gallon livestock troughs, seems like it could be doable.

    I've still got 2 weeks of actual work to finish this year, then 3-4 weeks of grading work behind the house trying to add a second terrace to our hill. (plus seeding, re-enfocement of the slope, and prep for a new retaining wall, which I'll hire some other poor saps to actually build and carry all that stone, but the grade and earthworks, I don't trust anyone more than more myself.

    I think when thats done the wife may allow me to undertake another "garden expansion". (Still managed to run the wiring, conduit and receptacles off of 2 unused 15 amp breakers though)
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  14. Same here, ordered from them several times and was never disappointed.
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  15. Love the inline filters. Ive got a nice in line right before my manifolds. @JoshuaE turned me onto that.
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  16. Yo Doc welcome bro, is that auto the auto of autos? Sure hope it is ;) I'm going to top mine early on.

    yes, I use 1/4" for this system, but 1/2" for the other system.

    um, we just got hit with a two day blizzard and went from 0 to 10°C to -10 to -20°C. Old man winter must be on some energy drink this year.

    I am/was planning to line the front windows with batos, but I need to add a pane because I only have a ~1/2" thick single pane window and no, it won't work with that amount of condensation. I have another week or two of consultation work and plan to just add a pane by myself.

    yea, this one system I suppose I should add a dedicated inline (like the ones Joshua showed), but this one is actually built inside. You heard from our friend?
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  17. Eh not recently.
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  18. System #2 Top Drip Hydro
    This reservoir will harbor the nutrient solution for the two autos, Trojan's Gift and Three Bears x Samsaquanch. I built this reservoir, but I already made a few mistakes. Its ok, its just for fun... and efficiency.
    I have a timer for a water pump that feeds the plants. Unfortunately, it seems bugged; I can't seem to set the T1 and T2 times, although everything else works. Right now, it works; it runs for 60 seconds and then its off for 100 seconds. Whatever, I reordered another, but it will be a month or so before it gets here.
    The lower STC-3018 is a temperature controller. Its set for 18C and has been calibrated. When the temps go over, the TEC cooler system turns on (via another waterpump) and chills the solution.
    I also included a built in air pump and everything runs on 12V, so I added a driver.
    you can see that I've foam insulated the sides, there it is running. I need to build an outer lid, but I have a lid for the reservoir itself (was just calibrating temps here).

    Now for the plant container parts. I am using a pair of 6" net pot lids atop of two black 5 gal pails. As for the feeders (coming from the reservoir):
    While testing the small pump, I found that this mini 12V pump, like this:
    is working really good and is able to pump both halo rings with very good pressure.

    The 5gal buckets themselves have been modded by placing a bulkhead and adapter on the bottom of the pail. This connects to a 3/4" hose that goes back to the res.

    I built some special tables. They are actually kinda high because the res is higher.

    This is one thing I will change in the next model I create for a self enclosed reservoir, ie. I will design it so that its lower to the ground so to save some space.
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  19. The regs I placed in the bato system look like they are dying. While looking at them I kinda remembered telling myself that I should start the plant in the bato before... like last summer... doh.
    The pH of the system has risen to 6.7 or something crazy. I dropped the pH but idk... I may have to ditch em and start over, and oh yea, imma use a bucket for a reservoir, not a tote. (remind me someone when I forget).

    But really I like the top drip system much more. Its easier to handle, I mean, aside from designing some future tech reservoir, which one doesn't have to do, some early observations as to why I prefer the top drip:
    no perlite/vermiculite needed. You need a few stones and a handful of hydroton.
    minimal standing volume. In the bato system, a few liters of water remain at the bottom, but not in the top drip. This is important when determining reservoir pH and EC, but also when changing out the solution.
    less bs changing the solution, but really that's up to the res and its placement.

    like I said, a) imma change out the tote for a bucket, and b) start the plants in the bato off the start.
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