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Bathroom Vent

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Joshmcmillan, May 26, 2013.

  1. I've been thinking of easy ways to smoke inside recently, and a friend was telling me about how he's previously smoked in his bathroom.
    You know the vents in bathrooms that suck up steam in the bathrooms while showering? Basically, I'm wondering if this would work...
    If I packed a pretty fat bowl pack, and had a spoof, while the shower was on hot, and the fan was on (no window), would it produce much smell after?

  2. Possibly. Those vents work pretty well though. I've heard of people growing in bathrooms because the vent is already installed. So if people can use it for ganja plant smells it will work for smoke. And I've tried it so yes it will work from first hand experience.
  3. It could work.  You should check if the vent is connected to other vents in your house.  My friend nearly got caught smoking in his bathroom because it turned out that his vent led into the kitchen. If you're worried about stealth, IMO a window is safer.
  4. just make sure noone will go in there 15-30 minutes afterwards. best if you could smoke something with less smoke so like a chillum or grav bong if you could manage that
  5. [SUB]You can use a sploof into the vent but I've found out even with a hot shower running for 30 minutes and Axe it doesn't cover up completely.[/SUB]
    [SUB]I've also had friends take a rip and blow into the toilet as the water is flushing down, the suction of the water going into the pipes pulls the smoke into the sewer system.[/SUB]
    [SUB]While this is by far the safest method to dispose of the smoke, if you get the timing wrong, the smoke can "burp" back into your face. High risk, High reward. [/SUB]
    [SUB]Pick your poison, I've smoked at home back in my day and got caught after 2 years. Thankfully my parents were kind of cool with it. [/SUB]
    this right there.  im an hvac technician and the common trend ive been noticing is that a lot of these exhaust fans just shoot it straight into the attic or into another vent that has a direct exhaust outside, such as a kitchen. 
  7. How would I figure out where it leads? This is basically my biggest worry of doing it.

    And I could make a grav, I just figured a bowl would be easier
  8. I guess you could try lighting incense or something in the bathroom and see if it smells anywhere else in your house.
    climb up into your attic and look for the ac unit.  now look for the exhaust/fart fan for the bathroom you will be smoking in.    if its an aluminum pipe free of all the flexible duct then your good.  
    or you can smoke in the bathroom when no ones home and go around the house and see if you can smell it.

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