Bathroom theory number 7 (warning may contain rambling)

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 420girlie, May 24, 2003.

  1. Okay, I was smoking a bowl in my bathroom a minute ago and I got a part of this song stuck in my head and its like "you build paradise and put up a fucking wall" and I was thinking thats so true for like everything. For everything good in like theres something shitty to go along with it. For every good theres bad. Whenever everythings going good, somethjing eventually is there to ruin it.

    Ex:for LIfe theirs death
    for happy theres sad
    for full theres hungry
    for high theirs sober
    etc etc
  2. for heaven theirs hell
    for youth theres old age
    for days off theres work
    for angels thers devils
    for miracles theres disasters
  3. yin&yang.

    but i got one that contradicts this theory... contradicts even the theory of right and wrong...

    salvia experiences.
  4. Ofcourse there are opposite to everything, otherwise it couldn't exist? S
  5. Hey now, I was really high and merely trying to state that that line is so true

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