Bathroom Stall Humor

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  1. Let's hear some good ones gc!

    Here I sit cheeks a flexin,
    just gave birth
    To one more Texan.
  2. Here I sit, dishearted.
    Had to shit, only farted.
  3. ohhhhh crap, ahhhhh
  4. "Why look here? The jokes in your hand"

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  5. Under the cherry tree
    That's where she showed it to me
    It was hairy and black
    And it had a huge crack
    But it looked like a jungle to me
    So I took out my hairy banana
    And stuck it in her crack
    She let out a scream
    And I gave her some cream
    Then I took my banana back
    This one had me rollin' when I first heard this one:
    I fucked an old gal in a graveyard
    God damn her old soul, she was dead
    The maggots crawled out of her asshole
    The hair slipped right off her head
    When I finished my job there
    I seen I committed a sin
    So I reached in my pocket and drew me a straw
    And sucked out the load I shot in.
  6. the top of my head: 
    you better evacuate hiroshima cuz im dropping *bloop bloop* bombs 
  7. Here I sit, broken hearted
    tried to shit, but only farted.
    Back at my desk I took a chance
    Tried to fart, but shit my pants.
  8. Be a man not a kid
    Hit the bowl, not the lid.
  9. There once was a man from Kentucket,
    His dick was so long he could suck it,
    So he said with a grin, wiping cum from his chin,
    If his ear was a pussy he'd fuck it !!!
  10. Here I sit on the pooper,giving birth to another state trooper
  11. There once was a sailor from Catrass, whose balls were made out of brass.
    When he sailed in stormy weather his balls clanged together, and sparks flew out of his ass.
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    These are awesomveDoom is master of the Universe!
  13. One time there was an arrow on the door pouting down and said beware of trolls under here. I've seen so many but forget them. I'll start posting them here.
  14. I'm getting this on a shirt

    Doom is master of the Universe!

  15. Those who write on bathroom walls

    Roll their shit in little balls.

    And thos who read these words of wit

    Eat these little balls of shit

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