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Bathroom smoking VS room smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cg420cominatcha, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Wuddup GC I was looking for someones opinion on this. I'm back at home for a while and my parents are cool with me smoking they just don't want to smell it what so ever. It's currently pouring atm so going outside isn't that great of an option. Here's what i have

    A bubbler
    A chillum (not sure why i bought it)
    A smokebuddy
    Multiple fragrance sprays

    The Bathroom
    I have my own bathroom on the second story. It's connected to my room but it doesn't have a window. However, it does have a vent. Connected to my bathroom is my closet. From there is my attic. There's two large exhaust pipes above/close to where my bathroom is on the roof. I've heard of bathroom exhaust fans going into attics/other bathrooms but seeing how there's two pipes above my bathroom In theory it should go outside.

    The Room
    Nothing much about my room is special, it just has a few windows and a few vents.

    Here are my questions:
    Do my vents lead straight outside for sure? Or into the attic.
    Should I smoke in my bathroom or my room? I'll do all the basic things for both
    (Small bowl try to clear it in 1 hit, cap off the bowl with my hand or something, exhale into smoke buddy, close vents, towel under door, spray shit).
  2. Just smoke the chillum and stop worrying about it, it will all be ok in the end... When I smoke chillum in my room my mom doesn't notice but she notices joints and blunts so I guess it smells less or something, try it and thank me lol
  3. we can't tell you where your vents lead, since we don't know your house. if your parents are cool with it like you say, then why not just ask them where the vents lead and if it is ok if you smoke in your room with the proper ventilation?
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  4. Because i'm not sure if they want me doing it their house but I guess you're right I can always ask
  5. Sploof at night clandestinely out the bedroom window, dude. Don't trust even second story vents as they could very likely lead to central air, then you'd be seven kinds of fucked. Make sure even with a sploof to fan or let the room out for a bit after. Spray too, if it makes you more comfortable.

  6. Think of the bathroom like this, if and maybe I should not get involved here, but you know that thing that you do in the bathroom, not the shower, not the girl, you know the thing that smells? Does that smell go in your attic when you have the fan on? LOL just kidding but does it, no the vent is put in each bathroom for just that purpose, so the smells goes away. I was in the pool last year and asked my husband what those things were coming out of the roof, the little pipes, he explained it one is for the fan and the other is something to do with the plumbing (I think that is what he said, I tend drink in the pool, and no not pool water)
  7. LOL thanks for the explanation. I didn't smoke that night but i managed to get a Pax so things are good right now :smoke:
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  8. I'd go for the bedroom.

    The vents will spread throughout the house, but depends on how it's built, we would have no idea without seeing the inside haha.

    So, what I would do in that situation.
    Block the door with a shirt or towel, open window and find out the flow (usually air exits towards top and enters below, not always, but be sure to check). Load small 1 hitters, smoke, hold, and exhale with the outward flow.

    Spray whatever, chill for a minute, and then whatever you were going to do.

    Long ago I used to keep giant party balloons inside my closet, blow the smoke in there, tie, and discard when they slowly deflate a few days later.

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