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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by chestarr, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm pretty new to this site but have grown in the past. I usually start my plants out in door under floros and then move them outside but i have used 400w hps lights for flowering indoors as well. I'm looking to expand my grow indoors and do it in my bathroom. There are a few grow spaces in the bathroom. The first i will use is 5'x3' and the second is 5'x2'. Both are expandable to 8 feet high. I'm thinking about using two or three 400w hps lights and can't decide if two will be sufficient. This is where i need suggestions. I also would like someone to help me with links to CO2 setups...exhaust setups...and so on. I'm researching various strains to grow but would like any feed back on maximum yeilds and good bud. I'm planning on having the length of the grow around 4 months...with 4-6 weeks of veg and 60 80 days of flowering. Obviously that depends on the strain so any helpful hints are much appreciated. My last and final question is how much could i yeild in this space. I'm looking to have 20 - 30 plants and have more space if needed. If i can fit more in these spaces i'd like to know. I don't want to over do it but i am trying to maximize my yeilds. I have about 1500-2000 dollars to spend on the initial setup for the grow including lights, seeds, filters, exhaust system, etc. Thanks guys!!!
  2. no one can help me out with this? everybody else is all over other peoples posts. I have 30sft to work with and i need some help. Who is able and willing?

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