bat in the garage gaurding my smokes and bud how do i get my smokes and bud

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  1. So I just went into the garage a few minutes ago its 3 am and I turned on the light and a bat flew at me how can I get rid of it or for now get my smokes I am unsure if it will attack me I am in Ontario canada
  2. bats are more afraid of the light and sound vibrations than of you. keep it quiet and dark and you should be good.
  3. Swin at it with a hockey stick.
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    it could have rabies. Very unlikely, like 1 in 200 bats have rabies but it is possible, I dont know if the virus could get into the weed and cigarettes if the bat came into contact with either of those.
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  6. LOL at title

    "how do i get my smokes and bud"
  7. Well honestly I can't sleep because I woke up late and I am in need a smoke vape wold be good but I don't think I want to venture that far I was thinking of putting a sweater on and getting my smokes but that thing freaks out when I turn the lights off and imagine if you got attacked by a bat in the dark?
  8. bro leave the garage open and turn the lights off

    it will be gone asap
  9. Testicular fortitude
  10. Hahahaha I could imagine you being all sneaky slowly opening the door then darting to your bud, then as you turn around, The bat is between you and the door and full on rushes you, I myself would shit a brick because those mother fuckers have sonar.

    My tip would be to throw some food in there first as a sacrifice so that he spares you.

  11. Fuckin bats are all over in my area. Ive been chased down the street by them. Their nasty little bastards. I've also seen one crawl out of the siding of my house screeching in the middle of the day while I was selling the motor out of my VW. I have to admit it was the funniest thing possible to happen at that moment. But yeah, bats are dicks
  12. Depends what kind of a bat it is but there's a bat that if it bites you, you bleed a heap lol. Coz it injects something anyway fuck it im baked.
    Anyways just wear somethin thick and over your face, turn on the light open the garage door wait 10 mins see if its still there, if it is just fuck it and get le bud. lol
  13. This, be very careful and just dont touch the thing. If you do get bit or anything like that, kill it so they can confirm it doesnt have the virus.
  14. Can of Bug spray..


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