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Bat Guano

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by ganjaguy99, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. I hate having to spend the money at the hydro store but they had everything lol even the EZ clone tips and everything else you need to make your own cloning rig.

    I picked up two packs of bat guano, one for growth and one for flower. How much can I add to my no till system while it's cooking and then should I just top dress in flower with the bloom guano?

    Has anyone noticed a difference with adding guano or is it just another money grab lol
  2. "Or is it just another money grab"

    You got it! While there's no doubt that it adds a certain array of nutrition to an organic soil, so will absolutely every organic item on earth. Let me ask you this - who do you see besides the stoner crowd using it in their gardens? Vegetable gardeners don't use it; flower gardeners don't use it and farmers certainly don't use it.

    Just the Jorge Cervantes herb gardeners because they've been told it's magic. Which it isn't. At all. Whatsoever.

    Also keep in mind that most bat guano comes from fossilized deposits. Fossils. (Rocks). Sure, it's ground into a powder but it's still rocks. It will take probably at least a year and more likely years to become useful to your plants. You bought it so use it but it isn't a magic bullet.

    Also, in an organic garden you don't need to use different items for bloom or veg phases. Balance means everything - let the soil and plants sort it out.

  3. ^^^^^^^^
    That about sez it all...  [​IMG]
  5. If Jorge says so then it MUST be good. [​IMG]
    I used to have his "Bible" and sold it to some poor bastard on eBay. [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Haha well Jerry since I've seen how respected you are around here, I'm not going to argue and this will be the last guano I buy lol

    To many God dam recipes on here, I gotta stick to a simple one and stop wasting money lol

    Should I just throw it all in to the cooking soil and let er rip or will that be over kill? The bloom is a 500g bag and the growth is 160g

    I've had the soil cooking a week but need to make a bigger batch so I bought a buncha stuff today to double it to about 10 cubic feet. Can I add everything in now and still have the same plant date or will it need a fresh 4 weeks from any major changes?

  7. If I already had it then I would use it. If I lived on a desert island and came across a bat cave then I would probably use it. If somebody gave me some then I would probably use it. I just wouldn't go out of my way to buy it at probably an expensive rate; thinking that it was something that it is not.

    It's one of those items that it's probably hard to overuse since it's basically fossilized minerals. I would think that using a cupful per cubic foot would work just fine for you. It certainly won't hurt anything. You'll probably find some people that really do enjoy using it. Like I said I'm sure that it's just fine to use as a soil amendment but I wouldn't go out of my way to find it or pay for it.

    Look through the No-Till thread for a simple soil recipe by Clackamas Coot - that will get you where you want to be. Basic, simple and very effective. Maybe somebody has the recipe kicking around and can post it up here...

  8. OK I'll check out that recipe. I guess my biggest fear is making the soil to strong. Is that possible or will it even itself out while cooking, also how do I know when my soil is ready for planting. Is there an exact way to know or just a few weeks of cooking is good.
  9. About the only studies done on guano show best results at about a 20:1, soil:guano, ratio or less.

    A quick sprouting seed(s) like radishes or clover will tell you, but usually as long as you let it sit a couple weeks  you're fine - and it only gets better as it ages.
  11. OK that's exactly what I needed to hear. Now how old should me girls be before I put them into my no till. People say it's to strong for seedlings so I have nutrimix to start them.
  12. Depends on the soil recipe and how long the mix has cycled...

    Can you try your worst plant or are you only growing a couple?
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    In the soil right now is 1 part EWC, 1 part sea soil. 2 parts nutrimix, 1 part perlite, 1/4 part alfalfa hay, amendments are kelp, guano, domilic lime, glacial rock dust, blood/bone meal, chicken shit, that might be it. I just picked up peat moss, EWC, Lava rock and extra amendments to increase the size of the batch of soil.

    I want to just add everything and have one large batch of great soil rather than 2 separate batches.
    It's been cooking about a week so far

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