Bat Guano - which one?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Leapfrog, Feb 12, 2009.

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  2. It's been about 10 years since I've done any organic grows. I would choose one based on the nutrient ratios. Depending on what else you're mixing with it pick the one that gets you to the N-P-K target you have in mind I guess.
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    The black one with a higher N is for veg., the red one with higher P is for flowering. So you'd need to get both as they will be used at different times. You can add K with sea weed and molasses.;)
  4. i was gonna make a soil mix and i was considering guano do you just add it to soil or use it as a fert? Hey Leap how much per bag/size of bag?

  5. Please see highlighted sections.

    Dry Bar cave Bat Guano
    N-P-K 3-10-1

    • [*]1% water soluble nitrogen
      [*]2% water insoluble nitrogen
    Vintage phosphorus material designed by nature as a plant food. Dry-Bar Cave Bat Guano contains the necessary nutrients for promoting root and bud development. Recommended for all fruits, flowers and vegetables.
    One or two tablespoons per 8 inch diameter container, one to two lbs. per 100 square feet and rake into the soil.
    One to two tablespoons per vegetable transplant hole. Apply with soil before growth and once during early growth.

    Desert Bat Guano N-P-K 8-4-1
    2% water soluble nitrogen 6% water insoluble nitrogen
    This guano originates in the southwest deserts and Mexico. It is rich, fluffy and naturally high in nitrogen and trace elements. Since it is so fast acting and light in consistency, it makes a great potting soil mixer.
    Recommended for all vegetables, fruits and flowers. Apply one to two lbs. per 100 square feet or one to two teaspoons per 8 inch diameter container.
    Liquid application is one cup guano into five gallons of water. Apply as needed for growth.
    Mix 2 cups with a cubic foot of potting mix for transplants. One cup for seeds or starts.
    Derived from Desert Bat Guano.
  6. I would check out Mexican Bat Guano for veg and Jamaican for flowering. Really though, all that matters is the npk formula and that the source is reliable and eco-friendly.
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    I've not used either one of them (but have used a 7-4-1 for vegging before) but would think the first one with the lower level N very high Potassium would be better for bloomville and the other one with increased Nitrogen would be suited better for vegging out.

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