Bat Beatdown (re-post)

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 18, 2006.

  1. what the fuck? 2 kids were fighting, i get it, i dunno if it was real, staged, or just dumb drunk kids who fight friends for fun... but then this other fuck comes outta nowhere, not even in the fight, it was a fair fight, 1 v i think? :confused: ! anyways, and that fucker just comes outta nowhere, and hits the guy who won with a fucking bat?! cmon! thats horseshit..... stay outta other people's business...

  2. And to make matters worse, he went for his gun after :mad:
  3. yeah people are morons man. the guy filiming seemed pretty level headed.
  4. yeah he was trying to keep it 1 on 1. he was telling everyone that they weren't there to jump anyone. you guys have your beef go ahead and settle it. when we used to have fights we would all bring knives. that way if you you wanted to jump in you'd get cut. it kept everything civil that way.
  5. yea i agree with you, drunk fighting is fun.. but that was over the edge
  6. The sad thing is.. this was probably over some TRICK shit. Why can't we just all hit the bong.
  7. yeah, if you discount the fact that he's hang'n out filming people that are in a fight.
  8. that guy got his fucking ass kicked. Reminds me of this one fight i watched on someone's phone. They were squaring up, and one of them pulls a bat out from his pants and lands one on the guy's head. The dude just fucking fell backwards and was out cold.
  9. Well at least I'm not the only one who was goin to fight someone and then HELLO! There's about 35 guys armed with bats and knives. I think that was one of the times when running was actually good.

    Oh yeah I got kicked out of my lacrosse game yesterday for fighting... I think that's the 4th time this season wheeee

    People in contact sports take contact a little too seriously...
  10. That guy that won the fight was actually pretty cool after he choked out his opponent he ended it. Unlike alot of fights Ive been seeing online where they kick the dude in the head when he's down.:mad: Sucks that he got his ass beat by that fucker with the bat.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself....except for the 2nd degree black belt part
  12. The guy with the bat/gun is a fuckin idiot, he deserves to catch a swing of his own bat to the jaw..
  13. i'm sure he got his in prison. assault w/ a deadly weapon, battery, he probably didn't have a license for the gun. yeah, he probably got put away for some time.
  14. sounds like he's gonna take it in the ass for awhile, which brings me to my next point was it worth it

    no , no it wasn't knowones pride is worth getting fucked in the ass
  15. I've been in a few fights.. I really dont like to get into random fights like this guy ("Hey! You wanna go? YOU WANNA GO?!")

    One fight was because some guy beat down my ex girlfriend with a rod... So she called me from his room and said he was keeping her there. I went to his bedroom window, and tried to open it, but three of his friends came around the house and the big burly fucker was armed with a bat and the abuser was with his rod. I opened the window, got her out before they ran.. So we ran first, and I called my friends and told him to drive to where we were and pick me up and to bring his .22... We got her in the car and my friend says his .22 was unlaoded, but we could use it to threaten them. But when he pulled it out and pointe dit at them he pulled the trigger and it went *clicck* :rolleyes: So, thats right! Time to put your dukes up and protect the little miss. All we ha to do is get the pipe from the other one and use it on the other guy with the bat. So my friend went to work on the burly fucker while I kicked the shit out of the guy with the pipe, got it, and hit the other two in the head. Then we just got in the car and left.

    Oh and by the way, the cops came by the house a few days after that and we explained everything.. They said it was self defense and we weren't being charged.. But they set up the abusive boyfriend for conspiracy to kidnap and assault :hello: Take that fuckers.

    The only other fight I've been in was as a sophomore in High School eating my lunch. Someone didnt like what I was wearing so he wanted to fight. I said no so he hit me.. I hit him, he tried to wrestle me into the concrete and I was about to give in and call for help but my friend Bill *give or take 300 pounds at the time* Hit him with a lunch tray and knocked him out. :rolleyes: Thank god for heavy friends.

    I have been in other fights, but they're kind of revealing and my identity must be kept a secret for a while on those :p

    Wow, I really put alot of effort int elling you guys about these.. probably because I never told anyone else about them except the cops. Anyway, that bat fight reminded me of my previous ones ^-^ Later/
  16. nice dude, make sure the gun is loaded, cause its pretty pointless otherwise
  17. dude, i didn't know you were friends with eminem......
  18. Heh, youre funny ledfut.

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