Bat Beatdown (re-post)

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 18, 2006.

  1. Lol, That was entertaining...
  2. mm lazy n stoned.

    .. same here.
  3. Man those fight videos always make me dissapointed in humanity.... or alcohol.
  4. Phhh Mr. all-high-and-mighty-Lebowski has never hit anybody with a bat? I find that hard to believe.
  5. All I have to say here is - hitting shit is fun

    have you ever just smoked a half ounce blunt then went to go to tear down tons of sheetrock walls? If not, you should try it. carpentry is one of the stoners best jobs.
  6. That's how we got rid of my last computer.

    Well that an a bottle of tequila.
  7. And all 6 of my xbox controllers
  8. god damn man. i'm too high to be watching shit like that.

  9. Trust me man, i've been in 2 fights my whole life, I lost 1, won the other.
    I would NEVER have the willpower to beat someone with a bat. Like, I just couldnt bring myself to do it. You would have to get me extremely drunk, and feed me datura for me to do that :eek:
  10. see, i've been in many fights, and i've been to jail and almost got a lenghty ride in prison for beating a kid like that with some friends. i've really learned my lesson and behaivior like that sickens me now.
  11. as a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo i feel that anyone that has to use a weapon is a pussy. if you were a real man you wouldn't need to use a weapon on an unarmed man. that makes me fucking sick.

  12. :hello: standing ovation man, standing ovation.
  13. fo sho
  14. i will say i have much respect for the cameraman. he wanted to keep it the way it was, as a scuffle. he knew the one guy was outnumbered, but he wanted him to get his fair fight.

  15. Yeah totally, that one dude with the bad musta been beligerent drunk tho, he went for his gun after, what a retard.
  16. can anyone tell me how to post pictures because ive tried for days and hey im not the smartest person in the world oh yeah im a new member kind of like a newborn baby sooooooooo........ nevermind im weird(or maybe im trying to be) well im not gonna say anymore because if i do ill fill this little thingamajigger up with things off the top of ol' spanky lol!:wave: my peeps!yay! nice to hear your views but wouldnt wanna be your muse
  17. i've been belligerent drunk before, and never has the though of smashing someone over the head with a baseball bat crossed my mind. that's what you call psychotic.
  18. I think its all said right here. +Rep for it dude. I've always felt this way.
  19. +REP

    If anyone takes a bat to me, they better kill me. Ask the last two poor fucks that tried it.:)

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