BASSISTS! A must see!

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Michael Manring - Selene - DVD -[/ame]

    I have no words to describe this but this has turned everything I know about bass playing upside down. No words....
  2. I can't believe I've never heard of this dude before. Anybody know what he's playing? That bass is beautiful
  3. Sweet. That guy is talented. WTF is the dal with those tuning keys? He's all over the place on them things.
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    hes tuning the string instead of holding the note. it's weird but i see what hes doing.

    edit: finished watching. he's tuning instead of bending the notes. i dunno i don't play stringed instruments so i can't comment further on that.

    i sorta expected it to pick up or something. it was pretty cool though - new ways of playing the same instruments other people play. creative for sure.
  5. Apparently it is a custom made bass with alternating tuning pegs that can change the tuning of the strings with a switch, sort of like hitting a light switch.
  6. Nice sharing, very great.
  7. Its a Zon Hyperbass but there's a video on youtube of him explaining how it works.
  8. It's sad that there aren't more views than this...
  9. I agree, kinda. I mean I respect the dude because as a bassist myself I recognize that he has flawless technique and probably more musical knowledge then I'll ever have. But, at the same time while I "enjoy" Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, Jean Baudin, etc., when I'm watching em all I'm thinking is, "Wow... they can definitely play that... yep..."

    When it comes to my bass idols I look more towards Bootsy Collins (P-Funk) or Daryl Jenifer (Bad Brains).

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