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  1. Any other bassists here? If so, how do you play fingersw or pick? I personally use both.
  2. Bass was my first instrument, that was until I discovered the sonic properties of the Synth.
  3. haha yes! Synth is my instrument of choice as well.

    I did play bass for a couple years, I fingered that bitch.
  4. Cool, not enough people play bass, I also play guitar and synthesizer but it's just cool to see people who play bass cause they're hard to meet
  5. I am a bass player too! Great choice of instrument :hello:
    I learned fingerstyle and it is still my preferred style of playing, although I have been developing my picking recently to the point where it's starting to sound kinda good. I think it was mainly listening to Phil Lesh and John Entwisle and well as the bassist from Lotus that inspired me to try my hand at picking.
  6. i love bass!!! bass is such a dynamic instrument ... allow me to show you:
    El Ten Eleven..... all bass guitar and drums

    [ame=]YouTube - El Ten Eleven - I Like Van Halen... (Live on KEXP)[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - El Ten Eleven - Central Nervous Piston[/ame]

    and Skeletonbreath... a trio of bass violin and drums

    [ame=]YouTube - Skeletonbreath - Fever Dream Waltz[/ame] (kinda loud but really good bass)
  7. Hell yeah, I play bass. My bass is pretty shitty right now though. It wont work with my amp.

    I like playing with a pick but I fingerpick too. Gotta have that versatility.
  8. My favorite bassist was always Flea, i'm die-hard RHCP fan
  9. both depending on who and what sound i'm trying to get at
    i thought i'd share this guy
    [ame=]YouTube - Jaco Pastorius "Come On, Come Over"[/ame]
  10. I played bass in a band for a while i personally like both finger and pick just depends on what im playing.
  11. When I first learned this song I believe I was 15 years old. I felt such a sense of accomplishment lol. I have easily jammed along with this song 100s of times. It ceases to get old, and if I don't pick up my bass for a period of time, this will be the song I test myself with far as my groove.

  12. That was awesome. I watched a couple more, good band :D His Twin neck Bass-guitar / Guitar-guitar in some of the other videos is fire, I'd love to have one of those beasts!

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