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  1. Grow Room:
    3x3x7 tall

    1x Bagseed

    4x15 Watt Daylight CFL
    (adding 4 more next Friday)

    1/2 Sphagnum Peat Moss
    1/2 Perlite


    8" Clay pot-
    Transferring to 5 gallon bucket in 10 days

    Bottled Water


    This is a pic of the whole grow room from above

    This is Pic of heat/humidity:

    This is a pic of top view of plant:
    Seven days after sprout (today)

    This is side view of Plant:
  2. Post any advie please

  3. good luck man, subscribed and watchin :D
    im gonna be starting my own cfl grow soon in a CAB i made...thinking of using double diesel ryder seeds, should be exciting :hello:
  4. Cool. Looks good man. What is the light schedule?

  5. 24/0 my friend.

    I will stop vegging at about 30 days then flip it to 12/12.

    I am vegging here and flowering but once I start flower, I am going to put another plant in my PC to veg. Then once it is done I will flower it too :)

    I just pray to god this is a female
  6. i know you said it was bag seed but you have any idea what strain it is? good luck man, looks good so far :metal:
  7. Ba dnews. plant didnt get light for 10 hours and when I checked it th5i smorning it was laying on the dirt. I tried to repot but broked the small I repotted the plant but the roots were completey gone...(it kinda looks like a clon now.)

    Just checked some bag I had and had about 5 seeds left, so I am going to start over :)

    (more plants this time at least)
  8. also no, I dont know strain. just some everyday mids.
  9. damn that sucks man, hope it all goes well this time

    ah ok gotcha :smoking:
  10. so bass did any of the other seeds sprout yet??

  11. sure didnt bro, I am just going to call this one a fail.

    I will be making a new thread within like 2 weeks.

    I am going to be odering easy rider seeds on the 5th.

    Hopefull I can have everythig up and running by the 19th of june.

    I will be doing a rubbermaid grow, with 180 actuall wats of CFL.

    Ialready have my fans, I just need 8 more 13 watt bulbs. a ph tester and some maylar.

    I think if I order my seeds by the 5th, I can have them sprouted by the 19th and have everything good to go in the rubbermaid bins. I will be doing 2 plants, and I will save one plant and the g13 lab plant for when these 2 are done. I just decided that these would take to long and I want them done by augest, (my bday) so autoflowering is good.

    So be on the lookout for my next one :D:D
  12. aw sorry to hear that. good choice with the easy rider strain though, i ordered some white russian autoflower's myself, as i dont have much space to grow in. ill def. be looking out for the new thread and watchin. cant wait till i start growing either!! now, im out to hit the herb :smoke:
    happy smoking

  13. dang yur so lucky, I havnt smoke in a bout a month.

    I cant find the bud anymore...(thats why I am growing myself now.)


    I dont know if it will be easyrider but I need a dwarf that will harvest in 9 weeks. SO it looks like this will be it..

    I just hope I dont fuck this one up either
  14. lol i've always wanted to grow and ++ it'll save me a lot of money it all works out :hello:

    i doubt you will. what was the problem again, your lights?

  15. I just neeed moreghts and a ph tester really.

    And I have some good but crazy news... my plant is still aive...

    I went back and checked it today...(3 days later)

    and it was still green with a little bit of growth on top.....NO LIGHTS FOR 3 DAYS!!

    SoI will continue with this plant and will also order the new easyrider or some dwar from attitude lol
  16. lol well good to hear it survived, be sure to keep us updated on how it goes

  17. lol, its wierd howit is still going... It is still green, soil is still moist and the little cirlce leaves are falling off and there are SMALL! new top coming in..

    I really dont know what it is doing, I am just going to keep doing what I do until it dies or starts growing more. I think it has definatley ben stunted from the the roots ripping though.

    But I order my easyrider on the 5th!!! so excited!
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    Ok just so everybody knows whats up, The plant is still growing, it's just a little slower than before.

    the small round leaves are falling off, some more leaves are starting to spread out the the top.

    Here is my shopping list over the next grow....

    June 5th: 3 easyrider dwarfs

    June 19th: 2 rubbermaid bins, ph tester, a couple of 1 gallon pots.

    July 7th: New lights for the plants ( I am sure they will need more then they got now.) and some big bloom.

    also, I ordered a new charger for my dig camera. So I will have new pics whenever it arrives
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    good luck with all that man, i just tracked down my seeds and they arrived in new york yesterday! cant wait to get them, hopefully i should get them sometime this week; so eager to grow!

    EDIT: Actually my order arrived in NY on the 28th!! So def. should get em this week i hope!!

  20. I checked it and the plant is growin good again, the tips are a bit yellow though.

    Io dont know why, I only water when the soil is dry about 5 inches deep. However, it is in a 5 gallon bucket, could it be getting overwatered because of the bottom of the bucket is still wet?

    It is not nute burn because, it doesnt have any nutes in it. and I dont think its light burning it but I gues it could be

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