Bass guitar vs. Guitar

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by BongBassed, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. I think bass guitar sound aesome when I'm stoned, every one plays guitar and the bass is usallually overlooked
  2. if you like big drowning bass vibes when your baked check out the melvins or sleep
  3. Depends on what kind of bass lines you like. My own music (solo project) is bass-based. Good rhythms and a good bass groove. That's the backbone of my music. The rest is more like a game.

    But guitar is awesome because you can play both rhythm and melodies. Soooo many possibilities...
  4. Have you heard of Primus?There bassist, Les Claypool, is crazy as hell and has spotlight in the band. You'd probably like them:smoke:.
  5. Fleas good, he just doesnt stand out in the peppers music like Claypool.:smoke:
  6. Do you mean emo?
  7. imo Flea is the best bassist in the world. He got me into playing bass.
  8. I wouldn't say the best, but he's good.

    I also like Les Claypool, Will Calhoun of Living Colour an of course:

    Bootsy Collins, yeah, baby. Halleluja, freaky.
  9. Ummm yeah...8 string is a waste. But a 6 string is, too, if you ask me. 5 is good because you can get pretty low. But as for the 6th string...that's what the guitar is there for.

    I'd say if you can't produce a decent bassline with a 4-string, you have no business playing bass at all. But with a 5-strninger you can have a bit more fun.
  10. primus Sucks! :d
  11. bass is awesome to just feel... I was totally baked and jamming with my buddies in my basement a while ago, and i was having multiple eargasms as i felt the bass vibrating the floor.
  12. bass dominates live. recorded i think it goes along better as a compliment rather then a lead instruments.
  13. plumface_2002: i like that. but i'm a bassist so i'm a little biased there. i play guitar too though, in fact i don't even have a bass but i have a guitar. weird eh?

    i really agree with you that bass dominates live which is probably why there are so many retarded sound technicians out there who hold back the bass-man

    bass powah!! feel the energy!!
  14. 6string regular electric guitar

    bass just seemed to easy to learn thats why i went against it...

    not enough bassist's to make me wanna play one anyway...especially when you have guitar players like Clapton,Page,Hendrix,Santana,Angus Young,K Richards, and so on and so forth....

    i actually wouldnt mind having a Gibson eds 1275 double neck with the 12 string on there....the same one page played....imagine jammin' with one of those..

    anyone play a 12string? im guessing you play it like a 6string except you pluck 2strings at ima go smoke anyone got info on that lemme know!!

    but yeah id say no on the bass and yes to your plain ole 6string electric
  15. weedseed: this isn't a challenge or meant to be mean, but if bass is so easy why don't you become the world's best bass player and become that inspirational bassist you were looking for.

    IMO - there are too many good guitarists and not enough good and famous bassists. start a revolution. so many songs are copied and the style are too similar in so many bands. then again so is the bass but bass is meant to be simplistic

    most songs do not demand skillful bass playing but you need bass all the same

    to that video: HO-LEE-FUK
  16. never said i was in search for a great bass player.....i said i started guitar because i had influences...since i dont have much appreciation for bass, i have no intention on learning it.......and would you rather be the worlds greatest bassist or would you rather be a pimp like Hendrix or Page? theres too many guitarists because noone wants to play the bass lol.....bass was most play when they find out they cant handle j/k (maybe though)

    i never said it was a challenge either btw, i gave my opinion and my reasons why..ty
  17. that's completely wrong.

  18. its a bass, not a bass guitar. a guitar and bass are differnt things
  19. actually, i'm pretty sure that it's a bass guitar (technically), and that bass is said for short. a guitar is defined as a stringed instrument with a fingerboard and frets, USUALLY having 6 strings.

    and a bass could also be something like a chello.

    but i can see your point though, i call it a bass myself, but a bass and a bass guitar are not different things.

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