Bass and Grass

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by outdoorsman420, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Theres almost nothing I love more than waking up early on a Saturday morning and throw a few line's in the water. While chillin waitin for the big one to bite, I love smoking a blunt filled with my favorite kush, so I can atleast catch a good buzz. So whats up with all you out there? What do you like to do on a weekend? Happy smoking! :smoking:

  2. Saturday morning-

    Wake up, stumble into my walk in closet (which serves as my little smoking room) to wake n bake friday nights roach, take a shower, have coffee and a ciggarette on my porch, play modern warfare 2 and eat breakfast:)
  3. I went on a nice 4-5 hour hike with some buddies. When we got to our destination we met some friendly stoners who were more than happy to match us on a couple bowls.

    Successful day in my opinion

  4. One of my favorite sayings.. If you cant catch a fish, at least catch a buzz

    But yeah, I love bass fishing really anytime of the day. Good Stuff. :hello:
  5. Fishing is great, nothing better than burning it down and fishing early in the morning or during the evening.
  6. haha I had no idea this was about fishing lol.
  7. Nothing better then hittin' rips and ripping lips :D:smoke:
  8. LOVE livin less than 150yds from a Beautiful, cLLLEAAN, trout/smallmouth/("red eye"/"rock bass")/perch Fillllled river. Amazing fishin everyday, microlight pole and 2-4 lb test fightin some Monster trout n smallies..annnd good nuggies Mmmm MMM, the life...
    peace, panes

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